Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization Review

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If you haven’t seen DC Entertainment’s new Wonder Woman movie, it’s time to get on the hype train and go at full speed. Not only has an Art & Making of the film book been released, but Wonder Woman officially has a novelization, bringing thoughts and emotions from Steve Trevor and Diana Prince that we only dreamed of. Are you ready to get the feels? Cause we sure did.

The basic premise behind Wonder Woman is she’s from this paradise island of Themyscira full of Amazon warriors, and her world gets turned upside down when a spy named Steve Trevor washes up on her beach (after she rescues him), and she learns about “The War To End All Wars”. While this is a good summarization of her beginning, the Wonder Woman Official Novelization gives us more detail than we caught in the movie theater.

Everything from the novel fully follows the movie’s pace, but gives those little details that were quick and miss-able.

Who Is Diana Prince Present Day? (Beginning of Movie)

We got from the movie that Diana Prince works at a museum of some sort, but the Wonder Woman Novelization gives more detail into what her current work is. Diana works at not only the Louvre Museum, but she’s a curator in the “Department of Antiques”; being sort of an antique herself.

Capturing the Humor

If you saw Wonder Woman in theaters, you’ll note that this DC movie was funnier than any before it; adding humor to the grim Batman/Superman world. The Wonder Woman Novelization captures the humor we loved from the movie, but makes it all the more with the descriptions and dialogue.

During a scene from both the book and movie, Diana and Steve are on a raft floating from Themyscira to London; sharing a conversation that made giggles erupt from the theater, and from myself while reading it.

“I’ll sleep with you,” he said quickly, glancing at her, then back up at the sky. “I’ll sleep with you if you want.”

She gestured to the empty space beside her. “There’s plenty of room. It’s up to-”

“-If you don’t mind,” he said, speaking over her.

“-you,” she finished, as he continued.

“-I’ll come sleep with you. I’ll make the choice. I’ll come sleep with you”.

The Action Scenes

While we watched Wonder Woman in theaters and saw the action scenes first-hand, the Wonder Woman Novelization gives the scenes more triumph and description from her perspective. Especially the groundbreaking scene of Diana going through No Man’s Land on the front of the war.

“With each impact Diana learned more about absorbing the force directed at her. She

walked as the fusillade ricocheted off her gauntlets. What they sent at her, deflected back in a torrent that stitched along the sandbags on the trench’s rim. Her pace began to quicken, a fast walk, then a trot, then she started to run.”

Steve Trevor’s Perspective and Thoughts

We know well enough from the movie and book that Steve Trevor has deep feelings for Diana Prince, Princess of Themyscira. They had a bond since they left the island, and in the novel his thoughts are finally put into words that we so desperately needed.

“Steve lost the thread of his conversation when Diana came back into view on her horse. She was trailing slightly behind, gazing around herself at the enormous oak trees. His breath caught. This war must end; they must survive it. He wanted to show her the good world he was fighting for – a world he had barely remembered until she had come along.

When he had gone down in the waters of Themyscira, his only thought was that he had unfinished business – getting Maru’s notebook to London. But now, aware of Diana’s nearness, he had an unfinished life. And he wanted to share it with her.”

What’s More Heartbreaking?

For the majority of people, we were torn to pieces when Steve Trevor left Diana on the runway and had to go take care of Dr. Maru’s gas bombs before they left the airfield. We don’t know what’s more heartbreaking, reading his last words to Diana or watching it happen on scene. Either way, the novel captured the emotions felt by the characters in a way that was drastically different than the movie.

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe. But I’d give up believing in so much.” His voice caught. “Until I met you. From the first day I saw you, you were everything I ever wanted to believe in. You can do this, Diana. I know you can.” He paused, eyes glistening. “But I have to go.”

“He looked over at the team, then back at her. “I wish we had more time.”

“It’s okay. This is what I came here to do. I can save today, but you… you can save the world.”

“He pressed his watch into her hand. She looked at it, confused, then looked up to see him running away. His face reappeared – one last look, lingering, regretful. His heart was breaking. She focused hard, choking back sobs, and heard his voice all around her.

“I love you.”

Our Verdict

Reading the Wonder Woman Novelization after directly seeing the movie was a perfect treat and great as a pair. Watching Wonder Woman there were definitely things I missed the first time around, and the novel just confirmed everything in a fantastic setting.

The book is mildly long, with a descriptive environment, dialogue, and action scenes that are graphic enough to show just how fierce Diana can be. All of the best things shined out through this novel in a read that fully captures the world of Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman: The Official Novelization by Nancy Holder can be bought directly through Titan Books.


  • Fantastic Action Scenes
  • Dialogue Identical to Movie
  • Gives Steve Trevor's Point of View
  • Adds More Emotions


Length of Book - 9
Action Scene Descriptions - 10
Dialogue - 10
Connection to Movie - 10
Connection to DC Universe - 8.6
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