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One ounce RPG, a half cup of Bullet Hell, and a bag of amazing soundtrack. Undertale is all of this and more!

Undertale is a game that is so minimal and simplistic in design that it becomes a masterpiece that stood out from the other indie games out there. The game also had a very unique combat system which is different from every other RPG i have played and the characters are extremely likable and make you want to know what happens to them when it’s all over. The game also remembers everything you’ve done. This game is unique in what it does and it’s challenging in its own right.


The game starts in darkness until you meet Flowey who in turn helps you learn the ways of the world. That is until he tries something very terrible. After this event you meet Toriel, a sweet monster who saves you from Flowey and takes you under her wing. However, you, as a human, aren’t so welcomed into the world of monsters and you have to try to get home. So you have to fight or die in the end. The choice is yours rather you kill the monsters, or give them mercy. The choice is in your hands as far as what happens with the world. The characters are what drive this story and their personalities and interactions just are so endearing and humorous. Some of them make you laugh, some of them make you cry, and most of all, they all can make you determined to continue on in your story. Undertale is amazingly written and left me filled with determination and in tears at the same time.


The gameplay of this game is one of the most unique I have seen. Combat is a mix between RPG (Earthbound) and Bullet Hell (when you have to dodge bullets like in Ikaruga). You have 4 options you can choose from during combat, Fight, Act, Items, and Mercy. With Fight, you attack the foe however you have time to make sure you do it right. The attack is on the bar and when you hit Z, you want to land it as close to the center as possible so you can get more damage. Act lets you interact with a monster to make it less aggressive. This is how you determine if its aggressive or friendly and can help you win fights without killing them. Items allows you to use health items and change your gear if needed. And finally there’s Mercy, this is the key to any non­violent victory. if a monster’s name is yellow during battle, you can use “Spare” and win. There is a major difference between winning with Fight and Spare though. With Fight, you gain experience and gold, however if you use spare you receive no experience. However, the game also keep track of who you kill and who you do not. The world also has puzzles and boss fights that mix it up now and then. This helps to keep everyone from newcomers to veterans on their toes.


I always loved old school pixel graphics. Everything is simply constructed, however the little details and designs make both the world and its characters worth looking at alone. Each character is unique in design and the UI layout of combat and menu is very easy to follow and understand. The art of this game made it very unique in its own right.


Undertale has one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in an indie game. However some tracks did get stale but they are few and far between. The combat sounds are pretty nostalgic as well. Overall, the soundtrack is amazing.


Undertale will fill you with determination. It is an underrated gem that is hidden under the release of many AAA titles. If you are looking for a breath of fresh old school games. Undertale is that game for you.


  • Amazing Story
  • Nostalgia
  • Unique Combat
  • Great Soundtrack


  • You won't want for it to end


Story - 9
Gameplay - 9
Graphics and Sound - 9
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