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Titan Books has just recently published the official novelization for The Great Wall movie, that features the acting talents of Matt Damon. Written by Mark Morris, this novel covers the entirety of the movie, in written form with great descriptions and an easy-to-follow pace.

The novelization of The Great Wall covers the story of William Garin (played by Matt Damon in the movie) and his partner Pero Tovar (played by Pedro Pascal in the movie) as they come across a secret order and the Great Wall of China. What they don’t understand at first is that they’ve come to find a secret kept for thousands of years by the Nameless Order, whom protects the Bianliang city and the rest of the world from the terror-driven Tao Tei.


The story of The Great Wall is filled with brave individuals who sacrifice their lives to fight the Tao Tei, who pillage the world roughly every sixty years. The Nameless Order controls these beasts by fighting them for about a week at the time, and is filled with numerous other groups of warriors called: the Tiger Corps, the Eagle Corps, the Crane Corps, the Deer Corps, and the Bear Corps. Each with their own commander who is ruled by the General play a crucial role in fighting the Tao Tei.

It is quickly revealed that the only manner to truly kill a Teo Tei is to hit them in their small eyes, and that they are a ruthless foe that feasts on people; and is controlled by the Queen. Through generations of them appearing, they have changed their patterns and understood their Nameless Order enemies; changing their fighting styles.

Without completely revealing the ending of the story, just know that the Great Wall is the only hope of keeping the Tao Tei from reaching China’s Emperor, and then the rest of the world. Though the fighters are skilled, are they skilled enough to keep the Tao Tei at bay once again?


William Garin is a character that goes through a huge transformation throughout the story. When the reader first meets him, he’s someone who looks for fights and to only help himself through riches. As he meets the Crane Corps Commander, Lin Mae, he begins to understand why the Nameless Order exists, and how they serve a higher purpose than simply their individual wants.

Lin Mae is probably the second background character that changes the most. As the story begins, she is solely focused on fighting the Tao Tei, and leading her Crane Corps. While events progress, she is promoted to General and begins to change William – who in turn changes herself. She begins to have feelings for William, and respects him by the end of the book.


As someone who hasn’t seen The Great Wall movie, and is only going off of the novelization – I think it’s a great story. In some ways it reminds me of Pacific Rim, as the Kaiju emerge and wreak havoc on society – just as the Tao Tei do. Only in this version, people themselves take on these creatures and work as one to make them stop destroying the world.

Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys paranormal/Sci-Fi stories, along with the Asian culture being represented in such a vivid story.

The Great Wall novelization can be purchased from Titan Books for $7.99 USD.


  • Well-Developed Characters
  • Setting is Vivid
  • Story is Thorough


  • Fighting Scenes Are Long
  • Ending Could Be Developed More


Character Development - 9
Length of Book - 8
Fighting Scenes - 7
Story - 9
Background Information on Tao Tei - 7.8
Description of Tao Tei - 7
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