The Empress Game – Cloak of War Review

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Titan Books has gone ahead and published a new novel by Rhonda Mason titled The Empress Game: Cloak of War. This new space opera novel is the second in her trilogy and is full of twists and turns that developed from her original novel, The Empress Game.

The Empress Game: Cloak of War which is Rhonda Mason’s second novel in her trilogy is full of suspense and twists along the way that keeps the readers on their toes throughout the entire novel. Brought from the publishers at Titan Books, this new novel is a modern space opera full of paranormal excitement.

Without spoiling too many details of Cloak of War, Kayla the main character, is put in a position of ‘princess’ after  winning and putting the real princess in a coma, and only seeking to save her family and country. With this new persona, she is facing challenges that are outside of her original fighting way. Not to mention she must act this manner while also protecting the world from a nanovirus that threatens the empire. There is no clear way to deal with this manner as diplomacy is thrown out the window.

Rhonda Mason will be planning the finale of this trilogy titled The Empress Game: Exile’s Throne, to debut with Titan Books in August 2017.

Final Thoughts

Cloak of War is a fantastic book if you’re looking for an exciting new modern space opera that makes you question the motives of the characters. The Empress Game: Cloak of War is currently available for purchase from Titan Books for $14.95, and the first one can also be purchased for the same price from their website, and is simply titled The Empress Game.


About the Author

Rhonda Mason divides her time between writing, editing, bulldogs and beaching. Her writing spans the gamut of speculative fiction, from space opera to epic fantasy to urban paranormal and back again. The only thing limiting her energy for fantastical worlds is the space-time continuum. When not creating worlds she edits for a living, and follows her marine biologist husband to the nearest beach. In between preserving sea grass and deterring invasive species, she snorkels every chance she gets. She has a masters degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, specializing in Speculative Fiction.rhonda-mason-pic


  • Great Sci-Fi Qualities
  • Book is Adequate Length
  • Fighting Scenes Are Perfect


  • Would Have Loved More Backstory


Space Opera Quality - 10
Length of Book - 9
Suspenseful - 9
Thrilling - 8
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