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Titan Books has delved deeper in their DC Comics and The CW connections and published a new book titled, The Art and Making of The Flash by Abbie Bernstein. Within this new book Titan has shown some of the key aspects that The CW has included in their hit TV show and how they went about making it happen.

Making of the Flash

When making a superhero show, it has many challenges that normal series’ don’t face on cable. Between stunts, mechanical effects, graphics, and costumes – The Flash on The CW takes time and effort and requires an amount of tact as it is based off of a beloved comic book.

“The Flash is one of those dream jobs where every episode you have a new character with a new superpower that you’ve never thought about before, and now you have to plan a different way of doing something. Most shows, you have the mechanical effects guys and the stunt guys, and they work out everything that they need to do between them, but here, we have such a strong element of computer graphics and digital effects that it’s actually a three-ring circus. The very first day of having the script, the pack of us sit down and go through all of the action and discuss who’s best to take the lead, how much is going to be CG, how much is going to be practical, how much is going to be mechanical effects, and then we start figuring out how to communicate amonst the three of us to make sure that we’re getting the best product. Safety is always paramount.” – Stunt Coordinator, JJ Makaro, The Flash

Heroes and Allies

Split up in this extensive book is also a list of all the heroes and allies found in the TV series, The Flash. Some of the awesome characters we’d like to highlight here from the book include The Flash, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Harry Wells, Joe West, Iris West, Eddie Thawne, and Wally West. Outside of Team Flash include other allies like Firestorm, Jay Garrick, and Hawkgirl.

For each of the heroes and allies, they all have blurbs and details regarding information to the series and where they’ve gone following departures if they’ve taken any from Central City.


With the numerous villains in The Flash, there were many to choose from to showcase from The Art and Making of The Flash, but naturally we had to limit ourselves to the amazing and interesting. Some of the villains we found most intriguing from Titans most latest book include the Weather Wizards, The Mist, Heat Wave, Golden Glider, Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, Pied Piper, The Trickster, Zoom, Tar Pit, Rupture, Black Siren, Reverb, Deathstorm, and Killer Frost.

As with the Heroes and Allies, they have blurbs and further information detailing to their characters.


The CW takes their show, The Flash, very seriously; and makes sure that their characters go to many locations. Although The Art and Making of The Flash showcases almost all of the places in the book, we’ve only picked a handfull to include in this review.

Some of the coolest places that The Flash visits in the series and that we decided to show from the book are S.T.A.R. Labs, Central City Police Precinct, The West Family Home, Central City Picture News, CC Jitters Coffee Shop, Villains Lairs (Grodd’s Hideout & Rainbow Raider’s Lair) and Earth 2.

Weapons, Gadgets, and Vehicles

Having a bunch of superheroes and villains running around leads to a well-known fact that weapons and gadgets are a must in this world, and the world of The Flash is no different. For the purpose of this review, we have spotlighted the many rings found in the series, the Trickster’s drawings and bomb, the Khandaq Statue, and Vandal Savage’s weapons. The Art and Making of The Flash has done an amazing job at showing off the small details of these items found in the show.

Final Thoughts

The Art and Making of The Flash is a perfect book to accompany any fan of The Flash TV series, or anyone who plans on getting into watching it. Currently DC Comics are becoming a huge new fad on TV and in book form, and Titan Books has been taking heed to this trend and publishing new ones as of late. I would recommend this book to any fan of The Flash, and I can say I enjoyed reading it and catching things I hadn’t seen on the show.

Currently The Art and Making of The Flash is available for purchase from Titan Book’s website for $24.95 USD. It released October 18th, 2016.



  • Numerous good and bad characters listed.
  • Spans across entire series as an anthology.
  • Gives detail on making of show and detail on characters.


  • Further backstory on characters would have been nice.


Length of Book - 10
Quality of Book - 9
Amount of Detail - 10
Connection to The CW Show - 10
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