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Microsoft backs off with its policies

It was clear, Sony had destroyed Microsoft during 2013’s E3 conference, showing that Sony is here for the gamers, not for the money. Sony went straight forward and used Microsoft’s policies against them, and this was the best they could’ve ever done. First, no internet connection, while Xbox One needed it at least once every 24 hours; full support to Indie Developers while Micros...[Read More]

Microsoft: “In the long run, Xbox One wins”

Exactly as you read, Microsoft’s Xbox One director Yusuf Mehdi stated this during an interview with Spanish news El Pais, where he got asked what did he think about the fact that Sony’s PlayStation 4 was a €100 cheaper than the Xbox One and that, after E3 it was almost a fact that the PlayStation 4 had “won” the E3, to what he replied: “On the E3 convention nobody win...[Read More]

More bad news from Microsoft [UPDATED]

We’ve been given nothing but bad news regarding Microsoft’s Xbox One; coming from the always online feature, to the “rejection” towards Indie Developers. Well, what we’ve been hearing so far isn’t enough, so Microsoft seems to be trying to commit suicide already by announcing and confirming that Xbox One users that get banned will permanently lose all of their g...[Read More]

Thief Screens released

Square Enix has released to the public a pack of screenshots and art work for their upcoming title Thief. This game is coming to both next-gen consoles.

Beyond Two Souls Screens

Beyond Two Souls is a game that features Jodie Holmes’ toughest mission, which consists in going to Somalia to assassinate a warlord named Jamaal. She goes through this mission accompanied by a supernatural entity which goes under the name of Aiden. Beyond Two Souls is a third-person action game, which will keep you alert, as you’ll be immersed in a very dangerous situation, wandering ...[Read More]

DayZ Standalone coming to PlayStation 4?

Chances are high that the post-apocalyptic open world zombie survival game DayZ gets a PS4 version of its standalone, while not for the Xbox One according to the creator of the game Dean Hall. “I’m sure you’re aware, Sony lets you self-publish and they don’t make you pay for updates. Microsoft requires you to have a publisher. They have no digital distribution strategy and ...[Read More]

Xbox One Terms of Use Information

There have been plenty of comments about the “consoles war”, and how Sony took advantage of Microsoft’s huge flaws in order to build up some more audience for its PlayStation 4, and why not, even convert plenty of Xbox gamers to PlayStation. Now, some more information is out about the Xbox One, and well…it isn’t looking good… Basically, if you want to take the r...[Read More]

Microsoft E3 2013 Video Collection

Here are the videos from Microsoft’s E3 Conference Full Conference ARVE Error: The video is likely no longer available. (The API endpoint returned a 404 error) Dead Rising 3 Halo Quantum Break The Witcher 3 Killer Instinct Metal Gear Solid 5 Ryse Call of Duty Ghosts ARVE Error: The video is likely no longer available. (The API endpoint returned a 404 error) Titan Fall[Read More]

E3 Videos Collection

So, E3 is here, and what I’m going to do is simply put up all the videos I get from games, put them in here and keep updating it, to have them all centralized. Ok, I’ve gotten some feedback from friends telling me that this page is taking a lot of time to load, which is totally understandable. So, I’m breaking it up on different posts, leaving this post to be an “index̶...[Read More]

Gaming consoles war is over

During the last decade there has been a “war” between gaming consoles, where both, Sony and Microsoft have been trying to gather the most gamers by providing them what they are looking for…games! This year, we were all waiting for the reveal of the next-gen consoles, which, for Sony is the PlayStation 4, a logical name for its fourth PlayStation release; while Microsoft brought t...[Read More]

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