WWE TLC Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017: Good save!

Tables, Ladders & Chairs (a.k.a. TLC), a PPV for which the main focus went around the long-time waited S.H.I.E.L.D. reunion, and the other matches… And suddenly, Roman Reigns (and Bray Wyatt by the way) became sick after a viral infection (apparently parotitis instead of meningitis as we were informed at first), so the whole reunion idea had to be scratched at least for now. But the big surpri...[Read More]

WWE 2K18: Game Modes: My Career & Road To Glory

WWE 2K18 features two distinctive game modes My Career and Road To Glory. The character that you make in the career mode is the same fighter you can use in Road To Glory creating a realistic system that builds up your character then allows you to show them off in an all-new online mode that follows the actual WWE Pay-Per-View schedule.

Check out the 5 WWE 2K18 DLCs

Revealing the multiple upcoming WWE 2K18 DLC packages including new players, new moves, clothes, and other bonuses that all will be available throughout the game’s course. Expect Individual content packages this year and other packages releasing early 2018.

WWE No Mercy 2017: What starts well…

Last week was the most recent RAW-exclusive PPV, No Mercy, and the hype of this one created different expectations on the fans: many of them didn’t expect a lot of it, according to what we just recently saw at SmackDown’s Battleground and SummerSlam, and the rest were waiting for a classic match between the big dog and John Cena, and a savage fight for the Universal championship between Brock Lesn...[Read More]

WWE 2K18 Coming To PC in October

The first in the WWE 2K series to, WWE 2K18 will be released for the PC the same day as it releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III: The best there is, the best the was, and hopefully not the best there ever will be

Do you know what do Superman, The Godfather, Spider-Man and Pirates of the Caribbean have in common? Terrible third sequels… But for any bad third sequel, there will be always a Return of the King somewhere.

2K Games Announces the First 46 Superstars for WWE 2K18

2K Games and WWE have announced the first batch of confirmed superstars to be playable characters on the upcoming WWE 2K18, the next game in the WWE 2K franchise, which is promising to be the biggest game of the franchise yet.

WWE Battleground 2017: At Least they Tried!

I like logic in wrestling. I know, I know, sometimes these nouns have nothing in common (Angle’s illegitimate son in 2017? Really?), but crazy histories don’t mean that the wrestling itself cannot have some logic in what happens inside the ring. If you are like me, last Sunday’s Battleground is not for you!

Mae Young Classic First Round Match List

As it is usual with this kind of event, the WWE has already recorded what we will be able to watch through the WWE Network on August 28 when the first four episodes of the Mae Young Classic become available to stream, so below you can find the full list of matches for the first round of this 32-women single-elimination championship. We also have the results, but those are hidden within “spoi...[Read More]

WWE 2K18 Coming to Nintendo Switch, Game Upgrades Announced

Since I had to figure out a way to title this article and I’m not entirely convinced it explains itself properly, let me tell you, this article is composed of two different situations that are happening with the upcoming WWE 2K18 game, the first one is that the game has been announced for the Nintendo Switch; the second one is about all the upgrades that have been announced for the game itse...[Read More]

WWE Announces All Competitors for the Mae Young Classic

For a few weeks now we’ve been getting some notifications about competitors for the upcoming Mae Young Classic women’s tournament from WWE, a tournament that has gathered the best 32 women’s talent and will be streaming, exclusively, through the WWE Network.

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!

No kidding, this was the name of a 2017 PPV… Another awesome idea of Vince’s “inner” child. But leaving aside all the dirty jokes (no, we won’t) this was a pretty great event! May be the best B-class PPV of 2017 so far! So, let’s take a look at it.

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