WWE Backlash: With a #DontHinderJinder Comes Great Responsibility

The past week was the Backlash weekend (is that even a thing?) and the expectations were, let’s say “mixed”: Nakamura’s debut, Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles that could be a match of the year candidate, The Welcoming Committee, Mahal as main eventer (I said mixed opinions!). And of course, the always hell of a show that TakeOver has become in recent years. So, what happened? Were both shows good? Bad? L...[Read More]

2017’s Money in the Bank Participants Announced

Tonight’s SmackDown Live! started with the biggest news it could’ve brought right after Backlash as Shane O’Mac introduced 5 participants for the upcoming PPV Money in the Bank‘s main event, and you can check out who will participate in this match below.

Extreme Rules PPV Starts Shaping Up

During tonight’s Monday Night RAW, things started to heat up for the upcoming RAW exclusive pay-per-view Extreme Rules as we got to know about a few matches we’ll be seeing during the event, let’s check some details about them below, keeping in mind that things might change before the official event card is published.

Backlash Match Card & Predictions

The next WWE Pay-Per-View event, Backlash, which is a SmackDown Live exclusive event is approaching really fast, and below you can find the full match card for this May 21 event which will be taking place at Chicago’s Allstate Arena along with some predictions about its matches.

Spoilers: Plans for Roman Reigns Updated

We were all excited about the feud Roman Reigns was having against The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman; unfortunately for us all, Strowman got injured in the process and had to go to surgery for his shoulder, stopping this rivalry which was expected to reach an end during Extreme Rules. Now, Reigns will be engaged into a new rivalry, so let’s see what’s to come for him in the near fu...[Read More]

WWE Payback 2017: The Horror of the House of Horrors

RAW exclusive Payback Pay-Per-View took place last night, a PPV that nobody had high expectations for, with a vague script and little developed histories and few interesting feuds, but in the end surprises everyone, delivering more than what was offered on paper. Of the 8 stipulated matches, 3 were rematches of Wrestlemania 33, not to mention matches we’ve seen repeatedly on RAW (did someone say E...[Read More]

Payback Full Match Card

Tonight is finally the night in which the RAW exclusive pay-per-view Payback takes place, and it seems to be full of good matches to watch, some which might even surprise us.

Braun Strowman to Participate in a Dumpster Match Tonight

During last week’s Monday Night RAW, we got to see the destruction Braun Strowman was causing backstage, with him attacking pretty much everyone who crossed his path. This week, we are sure it will be no different.

WWE 2K17 Review

Ever since 2K Games released WWE 2K17 for PC on February 6, I have been playing the game way more than I’d like to accept, reaching -as of writing this review- an astounding total of 669 gameplay hours just because it is really addictive, and sometimes I get super bored but I have a goal in mind and just don’t know how to stop playing… I’m not going to break the whole revie...[Read More]

Update on the Broken Hardy Brand, Possible Push for Jeff Hardy

Ever since Wrestlemania 33’s mighty return of The Hardy Boyz to the WWE, fans have been wondering if we will ever get to see the BROKEN Hardy gimmick being used, and the WWE is certainly working on that.

NXT Takeover Chicago’s Confirmed Title Matches

If you are like me, you definitely can’t miss any of NXT Takeover events, and the upcoming one, NXT Takeover Chicago is shaping up to be another great event as you’ll see in the match cards that involve every title being on the line.

Bad News for The Revival

The WWE has announced that one half of the recently promoted and two-times NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival, suffered an injury during a live event this weekend, leaving him out of action for a few weeks.

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