NXT Takeover Chicago’s Confirmed Title Matches

If you are like me, you definitely can’t miss any of NXT Takeover events, and the upcoming one, NXT Takeover Chicago is shaping up to be another great event as you’ll see in the match cards that involve every title being on the line.

NXT Spoilers for April 2017

The Superstar Shake Up mini-event from this week between SmackDown Live and RAW has changed the whole landscape of both brands for the foreseeable future. To this, you have to add that, right after Wrestlemania 33, many NXT superstars were promoted to either SmackDown or RAW as it is the case for The Revival (promoted to RAW), Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura (promoted to SmackDown), so what ca...[Read More]


WWE NXT, is one of the weekly shows and brands from WWE, airing on the WWE Network on Wednesday Nights for 1 hours, helping develop professional wrestlers before moving them up to the main roster of either Monday Night RAW or SmackDown Live! which are the main brands WWE has.

WWE 2K15 10GB “Patch” Adds All the DLC

2K Games has released a huge, 10GB download patch for WWE 2K15 over Steam, a patch that includes different fixes to the game as well as every single piece of DLC that is available for it in other platforms.

WWE 2K15 MyCareer Details Revealed

Earlier today, 2K Games finally released some quite specific information about the MyCareer game mode from the upcoming WWE 2K15 game, which promises to take players through the whole career of a professional wrestler.

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