Bye Bye Wii Shop Channel

Nintendo is closing the Wii Shop Channel.  Wii and Wii U users will see the end of this storefront in 2019, while Wii Points currency will end in March.

Project CARS Cancelled for Wii U

That’s right. If you are a Wii U gamer and have been waiting for Project CARS to arrive, you will be highly disappointed as Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed that the game has been cancelled for this platform.

Satoru Iwata Mattered in the Gaming Industry, and Here’s Why

Satoru Iwata was an icon in the gaming industry, and he changed it in radical ways. Without him, so much that we know as part of gaming would not exist. He mattered not only to me, but to an entire industry and to the world that benefited from his ideas. He made us smile, he helped us laugh, and most of all, he gave us memories.

New Bowser and Toad Wii Remotes

Launching in Japan in March will be two new Wii Remotes for users to partake in. Added to the character themed Wii Remotes will be Bowser and Toad.

Nintendo eShop Update 1-15-15

Today was the day Nintendo updated the eShop for both the WiiU and 3DS, adding new titles, sales and permanent price drops in North America.

Nintendo eShop Throwback Sale

A new sale is online in the Nintendo eShop, a throwback sale that will last until 2/5/2015.

WiiU eShop Gets Wii Games

In all the hustle and bustle with Nintendo’s releases and information is a little tidbit about new WiiU features using its backwards compatibility. Now on the WiiU eShop will be original Wii games.

Club Nintendo Rewards Expiring

If you don’t already know, Club Nintendo is a service where Nintendo users can rack up points towards free games and other such rewards. A few of those games will be expiring on January 19th.

Four Classics Added to Club Nintendo Rewards Catalog

Club Nintendo members have four more reasons to earn coins. Classics from Nintendo’s past have just been added to the reward catalog. Do you want to know which ones? Read on to find out!

Pac-Man Exclusive Stage coming to Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Everyone’s favorite yellow dott-muncher will be getting an exclusive stage in Nintendo’s upcoming brawler for 3DS.

Wii U sales skyrocket with Mario Kart 8!

According to a recent interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, The Wii U has managed to increase it’s sales by 4 times following the release and success of Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo Reveals GameCube Adapter for Wii U

For all the Super Smash Brothers fans out there, Nintendo has revealed their latest creation: a GameCube controller adapter for the Wii U.

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