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Watch Dogs 2 Review

I have finally beaten the Watch Dogs 2 campaign, so it is about time we get our official review for this game. It was definitely a fun ride that took me 35 hours from beginning to end, keep in mind, I didn’t go for a 100% completion, but I played quite a bit of the game to know what it is about, how to play (of course) and to beat the main campaign, which is all I needed. Story Watch Dogs 2 ...[Read More]

Can Your PC Run: Watch Dogs 2?

Ubisoft has revealed all the information PC gamers need in order to get to play the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 game, including the system requirements, additional features, and release date for this version of the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Details Released

During today’s live stream, Ubisoft gave out plenty of details that confirmed the rumors of Watch Dogs 2 featuring a new character and location.

Rumor: Watch Dogs 2 Launch Date, Setting Leaked

If a screenshot of an ad accidentally run early on IGN is to be believed, Watch Dogs 2 will launch November 15 and will take place in San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 to be Revealed Wednesday

At 9 a.m. PST this Wednesday, June 8, Ubisoft will reveal the recently confirmed Watch Dogs 2 in a live video stream.

Watch Dogs 2 Might Have Leaked

Ubisoft has not confirmed anything about a sequel to its open-world game Watch Dogs; however, an employee online resumee might have just revealed the existence of this sequel.

Watch Dogs 2

Welcome to San Francisco. Play as Marcus, a brilliant young hacker, and join the most notorious hacker group, DedSec. Your objective: execute the biggest hack of history. Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker living in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area and team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers, to execute the biggest hack in history; take ...[Read More]

Top 5 Gaming Disappointments of 2014

Every year has its ups and downs, and 2014 is pockmarked with some of each. Here’s my personal rundown of the biggest gaming disappointments of 2014, though I’m sure others on the team would have vastly different lists.

Walmart Black Friday Ad Unveiled

In the wake of recent Target and Best Buy Ad launches, The Walmart Black Friday ad is out into the wild, and it includes some great deals for gamers!

No DLC for Watch Dogs on Wii U

After too many postponed release dates, Watch Dogs is finally coming to the Nintendo console this November. Even if it’s good news for the Nintendo fans out there, there’s still a dark cloud remaining: the console won’t receive any DLC for the game.

Watch Dogs Wii U Version Release Date

While most of us have already played -and possible beaten- Ubisoft’s open-world game Watch Dogs, Nintendo owners are still waiting for their chance to be able to experience the game in their Wii U consoles, something that now has a set date.

Owl City Should Create A Video Game Soundtrack

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on why I think Daft Punk would be a great duo to create the soundtrack to a video game. Today, I’d like to share with you another artist that I would love to see enter the gaming realm as part of my “…Should Create A Video Game Soundtrack” series. For the second installment, we look to the one and only Owl City. Though Owl City is not regarded as one of our time...[Read More]

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