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Kickstarter Spotlight: Cattails, it’s Simply Brilliant

A new Kickstarter has just unveiled called Cattails, which is an open-world and simulation game where the user gets to play as their favorite four-pawed animal. With only four days into the campaign, stretch goals are already flying by.

Unboxing the Dishonored 2 Collector’s Edition

With Dishonored 2 coming out today, we decided to do an uboxing of our Dishonored 2 Collector’s Edition, which features not only the full game, but some great merchandise to display showing off our love of the game.

$100,000 NES Game

Can you imagine a video game that is worth $100,000? Some video games become pretty rare, and Stadium Events is one of the rarest for the NES. And now, you can own it for the “low” price of $100,000!

Saya no Uta – The Humanity of Love

The following opinion piece contains major spoilers and graphic content. The sexually explicit artwork will be hidden by spoiler tags. All screenshots have been taken from the JAST version of the game and do not contain censorship as the original Japanese version did.

4 the King: Murderous Mobile Madness!

After burying my head in some horror for a couple weeks, I thought it fitting to play something that took a similar angle with a far less serious drive. I realized why I normally never play horror games, and its more than just my aging heart can’t take the jump scares. I welcome it, fucking sissies. It is more that modern horror is more gory than scary, but 4 the King is the genuine article!...[Read More]

Rise of the Ravager: Mayan Samba of the End Times

Gaming is something that thrives on rebirth, taking something old and turning it into something new. Taking these old ideas and modifying them to become more challenging allows them to take something enjoyable and make it new. Rise of the Ravager takes this pretty fucking far and makes you feel like the ancient god Quetzacoatl is coming to wear your hide as a brand new pair of flesh mittens. Perha...[Read More]

ESRB’s Comical Description of Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare’s newest project, Dragon Age: Inquisition, has expectations to live up to. From BioWare we expect blood, violence, adventure, role playing, great dialogue, and sex. Lots of sex and innuendo. The ESRB did their best to describe just what may take place in the game, and it’s pretty hilarious.

Stumble Upon a Preview: A Clumsy Adventure

The dutch have a pretty good thing going in the gaming industry and a lot of what they’ve been putting out has given me a reason to nod with confident approval. Excamedia is another dutch developer, and their game – A Clumsy Adventure – does anything but fall flat on its face. Still in Pre-Alpha, its platforming charm and unique design leave me wondering what lies beyond the curt...[Read More]

The Secret Cove, Former Deckhand Gone Indiana Jones!

I was looking over this game and deciding whether or not to back it on Kickstarter and figured I would let my wife, the more casual gamer, decide whether we would back it. She likes to play games like this on her iPad, and I thought that since it is her area, I would let her do the honors. She watched the teaser video, and her face started to glow so brightly I needed to don my shades.  She practi...[Read More]

Why Do They Fear Indie Gaming?

In September’s issue of Game Informer, the “esteemed” publication seems to be initiating its own quiet assassination concurrent with the #GamerGate wars of Twitter. While they do not seem to have leap on the “fuck all gamers” bandwagon with most major games reporting outlets, they do seem to be digging beneath the walls that separate major gaming from indie gaming. Tu...[Read More]

Eufloria, Tripadelic RTS Invasion

Eufloria is a game that defines some of my earliest days with indie games, and it’s far from showing its age.  There are those who would have you believe that indie is a style that can be encapsulated in a game with a whacky storyline or super-artsy hand-painted backgrounds, but I call bullshit on that.  You don’t have to put girls in cakes to make an indie game: what you need is balls...[Read More]

Anita Sarkeesian and Blind Feminism

I wasn’t going to make this post… I really wasn’t. But after Anita Sarkeesian’s recent video in her series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, I just have to.

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