The Last of Us – Get Ready to Survive

Update: The original review which was posted on November 9, 2013 wasn’t a full review as I had not finished the game. So, after finishing the game, it was time for me to update this review, and now you can check it below is a full review of the game.

Disclaimer: as with every game review, the opinions given in this article are merely based on my own personal experience with the game. Also, this is my very first time playing the game, and I haven’t finished it; therefore my opinion could change towards completion of the game (Multiplayer features are not being reviewed).

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Nether Pre-Orders

Remember how I talked a little bit about this post-apocalyptic game not-so-long ago? Well, if you’re interested, it is already possible to pre-order the game!

“As an online multiplayer game, we feel strongly that the focus is on community collaboration so we want to reward the early players with solid pre-order incentives and really make them a part of the future of the rich, urban environment that is Nether. We want to develop a game that fans are enthusiastic to play, and there isn’t a better way to give players the experience they crave than to get them involved in selecting which features are patched in next.”

Said Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games on the press release.

Along with this information, a live-action trailer has seen light, and I’m sure that you’d like to watch it, so here it is!

Nether – Prey or Pray has two different packages, the “Chosen Package” ($49.99) and “Believer Package” ($29.99) which include early access to the game (on Halloween), some Nether Gold, and Guest Keys, which are valid for 72 hours of gameplay that you can share with friends.

It is now time to face some creepy monsters and shoot them in their face!

What do you think of Nether?


Hinterland’s The Long Dark


Some days ago, the very first gameplay video of The Long Dark was revealed, and I shared with you all that I’m really loving this title, and that this post was coming soon!

Well, here it is, my more in-depth post about this real-survival game, and I’m not saying there aren’t survival games out there, because there are, and there are some quite amazing ones, but this one is different, more realistic on a sense.

Right now, Hinterland’s The Long Dark is quite close to the end of its Kickstarter Campaign, with 3 days left it is just $2,000 CAD away from this game becoming a truth!

Mackenzie_flightThe Long Dark is a first-person post-disaster survival simulation game, set in the Northern wilderness.

In this game you take the role of William Mackenzie, a mail deliveryman, who was on his way to deliver a package, when he witnessed mysterious lights flaring across the sky. Right after this, every technological goods simply stopped working, causing Mackenzie’s trusty plane to crash on the wilderness.

Are you prepared to survive this challenge?

Imagine yourselves in this tragedy, there’s absolutely no functional technology, you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, wounded, alone, surrounded by hungry animals (even though you don’t get to see them). You are forced to learn and master your survival skills, or simply lay there and wait for your imminent death. What would you choose?

“The Long Dark is a thoughtful, first-person survival simulation that emphasizes quiet exploration in a stark, yet hauntingly beautiful, post-disaster setting. The breathtakingly picturesque Pacific Northwest frames the backdrop for the drama of The Long Dark.”

tld-wolf-trainWhen you get in the world of The Long Dark, you’ll be able to live the adventure of your life. You’ll be able to explore the world, you’ll learn and master your survival skills, you’ll fight for your life on daily basis, you’ll have to take difficult decisions, following your moral…”How far will you go to survive?”

Along your way, you’ll face different mental challenges, and moral choices, which will either put you in danger or give you a possibility to enhance your survival chances.

You won’t always be alone in this cold, dangerous world, you’ll eventually find other people, but here’s the thing, it might be someone who doesn’t want to make friends, so it is up to you if you approach them or simply walk past them…trying not to be seen.

tld-gas-stationWhen it comes to the game structure, The Long Dark brings the awesome feeling of free-roaming around the open-world you’re going to be in, without losing the atmosphere that the well story-driven missions that you’ll be getting while playing; following what big open-world games such as Red Dead Redemption and Fallout 3 brought to the table.

This game is about survival, and you are not required to take a whole bunch of time per-session in order to accomplish something. The developers emphasize on the fact that whether you play for some minutes or for hours, what you do will be meaningful for your personal campaign.

When it comes to the team behind this amazing experience, we can see that there’s a lot of expertise behind it. Between them, there are big AAA games to back their experience up, such as -but not limited to-:

  • Saints Row
  • Warhammer 40,000
  • Red Faction
  • League of Legends
  • Mass Effect
  • God of War
  • LA Noire

In case you didn’t watch it, go ahead and take a look at the gameplay footage for The Long Dark.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and back this game up!


Nether: Post-Apocalyptic Game on the works

And I say it smiling! This game looks amazing, even while, according to the developers at Phosphor, it is on a really early stage.

“Something we’re trying to do with this game that a lot of teams only give lip service to is letting the community help decide the direction of where this goes. We’re not just talking about balance or loot drops or enemy difficulty. We mean literal feature driving. Like, are vehicles a high priority or not? Is crafting a high priority? Should more survival be a critical thing? Should you have to, say, fix a leg wound with a splint?”

Those were the words of Chip Sineni, creative director of Nether, during an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Nether07I don’t know about you all, but for me, the game looks quite appealing, and as PCGamesN mentions, this seems to be the perfect combination between STALKER and DayZ.

On the one hand we have this massively multiplayer sandbox survival game, which brings us to a post-apocalyptic world, which brings what seems to be zombies to the table or some sort of infected creatures, I’m not totally sure what they are yet, and yes, I know a lot of you are tired of zombies…but some of us simply can’t get enough of them!

“Or maybe people will want server options – like the ability to turn off all creatures in the world. Then it becomes a rogue simulator. Can you live in that world? In that case, it’s a much more subtle game. If some guy has a big backpack and a gun, then you might spend all day tracking him, waiting for him to make a wrong turn so you can kill him or stab him in the back”

Infected beasts? Zombies? I don't know!
Infected beasts? Zombies? I don’t know!

Well….I like this idea actually! Don’t you?

Anyways! The game looks amazing, and you can even sign-up for early access to the game by going to the game’s official website.

I myself have already signed-up for it, and I’m just waiting to get access in order to try and get some first-impressions myself.

But, if you want to be able to see this game in action, I recommend watching the following videos:

We are always up for some PvP action, aren’t we?

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?


State of Decay: Over 250k units sold

The zombie apocalypse seems to be the “thing” of the season; and Undead Labs has done it right, bringing a zombie survival game, which actually has a story behind it, in an open world environment under the name of State of Decay.

How popular this game is can be shown by simply looking at the number of sold units in just 48 hours, which has broken the 250,000 units already

“The only game that ever sold more on XBLA this fast was Minecraft. We are not just riding on this train, however! We’re never going to stop pushing to make the best games we can. If you’re wondering what we’re working on to make this game even better, please check out Jeff’s Title Update post.”

Those were the words which can be read in Undead Lab’s official blog.

State of Decay can be purchased for $20USD (1600 Microsoft Points) on Xbox Live and currently is an XBLA exclusive.

state of decay