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Global Survival Game Eco Launches on Kickstarter

Strange Loop Games launches a global survival game named Eco on Kickstarter which was announced back in June. Their goal is to reach $100,000 by September 9, 2015.

The Last of Us – Get Ready to Survive

Update: The original review which was posted on November 9, 2013 wasn’t a full review as I had not finished the game. So, after finishing the game, it was time for me to update this review, and now you can check it below is a full review of the game. Disclaimer: as with every game review, the opinions given in this article are merely based on my own personal experience with the game. Also, t...[Read More]

Nether Pre-Orders

Remember how I talked a little bit about this post-apocalyptic game not-so-long ago? Well, if you’re interested, it is already possible to pre-order the game! “As an online multiplayer game, we feel strongly that the focus is on community collaboration so we want to reward the early players with solid pre-order incentives and really make them a part of the future of the rich, urban env...[Read More]

Hinterland’s The Long Dark

Some days ago, the very first gameplay video of The Long Dark was revealed, and I shared with you all that I’m really loving this title, and that this post was coming soon! Well, here it is, my more in-depth post about this real-survival game, and I’m not saying there aren’t survival games out there, because there are, and there are some quite amazing ones, but this one is differ...[Read More]

Nether: Post-Apocalyptic Game on the works

And I say it smiling! This game looks amazing, even while, according to the developers at Phosphor, it is on a really early stage. “Something we’re trying to do with this game that a lot of teams only give lip service to is letting the community help decide the direction of where this goes. We’re not just talking about balance or loot drops or enemy difficulty. We mean literal feature drivin...[Read More]

State of Decay: Over 250k units sold

The zombie apocalypse seems to be the “thing” of the season; and Undead Labs has done it right, bringing a zombie survival game, which actually has a story behind it, in an open world environment under the name of State of Decay. How popular this game is can be shown by simply looking at the number of sold units in just 48 hours, which has broken the 250,000 units already “The on...[Read More]

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