Friday Flicks: ‘Rango’ Movie Review

Today’s Friday Flicks brings Rango, a great movie of an average lizard made to become a hero and follows his journey.  Keep reading to view the movie review.

Fighting American Issue # 2 Titan Comics Review

In this issue of Fighting American we gain more info on Fighting American’s situation and how he will possibly return to his time. Things are progressing slowly here but the story will unfold as more questions have been raised.

Obsessed with Marvel: Test Your Knowledge of the Marvel Universe Review

Titan Books has just released a new trivia book surrounding the Marvel Universe. Within Obsessed with Marvel, you’ll find over 2,500 questions based on the Marvel Comic Books. Do you think you know everything about Marvel? Wanna test your knowledge? See what we thought of the book here!

Obsessed with Marvel: Test Your Knowledge of the Marvel Universe

Obsessed With Marvel packs 2,500 trivia questions on the Marvel Universe comic books in a single volume, illustrated with some of the most memorable comic artwork in the archives. This new edition includes 300 new questions taken from the most popular Marvel comics released in the past decade. This comprehensive yet compact book will engage even the greatest Marvel comics fan!

The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard Review

Titan Books has just published a new Star Trek book, featuring the life and tales of the iconic Jean-Luc Picard (originally portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart). This book is a fantastic look at his life on Star Trek: The Next Generation and beyond into his family history.

Friday Flicks: ‘Maleficent’ Movie Review

This Friday Flick brings you Maleficent which is a different take on the Sleeping Beauty story.  Keep reading to view the movie review here.

The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard

The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard tells the story of one of the most celebrated names in Starfleet history. His extraordinary life and career makes for dramatic reading: court martials, unrequited love, his capture and torture at the hand of the Cardassians, his assimilation with the Borg and countless other encounters as captain of the celebrated Starship Enterprise.

Rule of the Bone: Book Review

Rule of the Bone tells the intriguing story of Chappie the pot smoking mischievous youngster, who goes through major character development to reinvent himself as The Bone. 

Charm With Me Brings Triwizard Tournament to Life in New Box!

Charm With Me is a subscription box service that sells charm bracelet accessories, and this month of November brought Harry Potter’s Triwizard Tournament to life. Featuring 2 charms, with the Triwizard Tournament Cup, The Goblet of Fire, and the first challenge’s Egg.

Penny Dreadful #6 Titan Comics Review

Penny Dreadful follows the story of Lily who tries to set a plan to take down Lucifer and Dracula.  Keep reading to view the comic review.

‘The Evil Within: The Interlude’ Titan Comics Review

The Evil Within follows Sebastian and what he has been going through.  Trapped inside his mind trying to find his missing daughter Lily.  Keep reading to view the comic review.

‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ Titan Comics Review

The Girl Who Played With Fire is a continuation of Lisbeth Salander’s story and gets help from Mikael Blomkvist.  Keep reading to view the story for this comic.

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