Destiny 2’s Winter ‘The Dawning’ Event Live Next Week! Details Here

Destiny 2 will be hosting their annual The Dawning winter event, and it’s set to go live next week right before the big Christmas holiday season. See here on what to expect and what you can receive!

PlayStation Weekly Deals for 12/12 Through 12/19 (2017)

This week PlayStation is starting week 1 of their Holiday sale.  Keep reading to view the games and deals they have going on this week.

PS2 Game ‘MediEvil’ Being Remastered for PS4

Sony just announced during the PlayStation Experience convention, that they will be resurrecting MediEvil, a classic PlayStation 2 game, and remastering it for the PlayStation 4!

‘Antigraviator’ Gets Gameplay Footage

The new and upcoming anti-gravity racing game called Antigraviator has received their first trailer!  Keep reading to view the trailer and what we know so far. 

Watch: ‘Mega Man 11’ Announcement Trailer

Nintendo has just announced the new Mega Man 11 game, with a trailer showing off the new features and gameplay to expect in this new classic. Watch it here!

PlayStation Weekly Deals for 12/05 Through 12/12 (2017)

PlayStation has great deals on games every week and we have the list of games on sale for this week.  Keep reading to check out what games you will be playing.

‘Detroit: Become Human’ Controversial Abuse Scene

UK Member of Parliament and child abuse campaigners has criticised the PlayStation 4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human for a controversial domestic abuse scene.  To find out more about this situation, keep reading.

Bloodborne Unused Content Revealed from Data Miners

Bloodborne has been a very interesting game with various bosses and enemies to fight throughout the different regions. Most recently, data miners have discovered new unused bosses and enemies in the game files that are just now being revealed on YouTube!

Free PlayStation Plus Games for December

Every month PlayStation Plus members get the chance to receive free PlayStation games.  If you want to see the lineup for December, keep reading.

PlayStation and Xbox Weekly Deals for 11/28 Through 12/5 (2017)

Check out the great deals this week for PlayStation and Xbox games.  To see the list of games, keep going.

Destiny 2 Gets Free Trial On All Platforms

If you still have not tried Destiny 2 or purchased the game yet, you are in luck.  Starting tomorrow, Destiny 2 will offer a free trial on all platforms.  Keep reading to get the details.

Bloodborne Players Find ‘New’ Enemy

During PlayStation Experience 2014, footage of Bloodborne showed players an enemy known as the flaming Undead Giant.  The Giant was not seen in the final game and for years fans wondered.  Well now some players have found the Undead Giant.  Keep reading to view the details on this unexpected predicament.

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