PlayStation Network

Microsoft Introduces New Cross-Network Play

Microsoft announced today that developers will have the option moving forward to include cross-network capabilities into their Xbox One games, potentially opening the door for PS4-Xbox One cross-play.

PlayStation Messages App Out Now

Sony released a standalone messaging app Monday for PSN. The app, aptly titled PlayStation Messages, is available on iOS and Android.

The Lizard Squad Prosecution Saga

A few months ago, hacker group Lizard Squad was all over the news, particularly in relation to Christmastime DDoS attacks. Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki, a 17 year-old Lizard Squad member, was convicted of over 50,000 counts of cyber-criminal charges, yet received little punishment. Daybreak Games CEO, John Smedley, wants to see that changed, however.

Powers Renewed for Second Season

The most watched television series for PlayStation has been renewed for a second season. The series, based on the Image/Icon comic book series of the same name, is part of a long line of comics-turned-shows of the superhero genre to venture into the small screen.

Sony Brings a Real Time Server Status Website

Have you ever gone online on your PlayStation platform just to find out that the service is offline for any reason you didn’t know about? Did you ever wonder where could you look to be sure if the server was down or if it was just your internet connection playing a bad joke on you? Well, Sony now has you covered for that.

Bloodborne Information Revealed

With From Software‘s upcoming release of the highly anticipated Bloodborne approaching on March 24th, exciting news has come to light about some changes to the PS4 exclusive game. Bloodborne‘s official Japanese site has been updated with new information pertaining to its PvP, summoning, co-operative play, and more. The site updated indicating many of the game’s features, and detailed h...[Read More]

Free Playstation Multiplayer Weekend

It appears that Sony will be making online multiplayer free this weekend for the Playstation 4.

UK Police Arrest Alleged XBL/PSN Hacker

Vinnie Omari, a 22 year old that is linked to Lizard Squad, was arrested this week but not on charges for hacking Microsoft and Playstation’s networks.

Two Lizard Squad Members Already Arrested

Lizard Squad has been the main topic of conversation since the beginning of December, as the hacker group started to target gaming networks such as PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, bringing the services completely down during Christmas and ending the attacks when DotCom gave the team a deal they couldn’t turn down.

A Holiday Thank You From Sony

Over Christmas everyone knows there was a DDoS attack to both Sony and Microsoft servers, effectively shutting down Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Well, today Sony issues a thank you to everyone on its service for their patience over the several days the network was out.

Playstation Plus Free January Games

With 2015 right around the corner, a new month along with the new year is upon us, and Sony has released the list of free Playstation Plus games for January 2015.

PlayStation Network Down Again

According to multiple sources, Sony‘s PSN is experiencing “intermittent connectivity,” which more or less means that the service is down for many players.

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