Engine Problems Hold Up Yooka-Laylee Switch Release

Yooka-Laylee does not have a release date set for the Nintendo Switch due to engine issues, though the game is out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Attack on Titan 2 Heading to Nintendo Switch

The new game Attack on Titan 2 has now been confirmed that it will be available on the Nintendo Switch and other previously announced consoles.  

Now You Can Enable Two-Factor Authorization On Nintendo Online Accounts

Today Nintendo initiated an app authenticator for your online Nintendo accounts.  This is a security measure that everyone should take to make sure no one else can access your account without your consent.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Features

Island Challenge trials is returning to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, and even more information was released on new Trials and different challenges.  

Super Mario 64 Online Faces Nintendo Copyright Infringement

Nintendo usually lets fangames live for a long time as long as they are not charging people for it.  Not this time, Nintendo moves quickly to take down Super Mario 64 Online.  

SNES-Style Controller for Nintendo Switch

If you love playing some of the Nintendo fan favorites from the past but hate trying to adjust to a new controller, there is something for you getting ready to hit the market.

Nintendo Game Line-up For Nintendo 3DS

During the Nintendo Direct video presentation, Nintendo provided details for upcoming Nintendo 3DS games. Though there are some certain A-list games on here, there are some other fantastic ones that people should take a look at.

Play Mario 64 Online via PC With Friends!

Play Super Mario 64 again with up to 24 others online from the convenience of your own PC! This is a huge change to the classic Nintendo 64 game, and something we can’t wait to hit other classic games!

Will Nintendo Bring VR to the Switch?

With many VR systems out there, will Nintendo decide to add it to the switch?  There has been substantial evidence that this may be possible for the Switch.

The Super Nintendo Is Making A Comeback

SNES fans rejoice!! Later this month Nintendo is releasing what they are calling the Super NES Classic Edition.

Nindies Summer Showcase 2017 Round Up

Now that Nintendo has revealed their upcoming indie developed games for the Nintendo Switch, it’s time to round them up and figure out which ones are bound to make a huge splash.

Nintendo’s Miiverse Being Removed

The ever so popular social network called Miiverse on Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS consoles will be removed this November. It’s no surprise that this is being cancelled as Nintendo is setting their sights onto their Nintendo Switch frontier.

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