Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil Revelations: Retro Mini Games for Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil Revelations will be re-releasing the game to Nintendo Switch, while adding two exclusive mini-games that are made to look like a retro classic.  Keep reading for more details.

Available Now: Mario + Rabbids Challenge Pack DLC

The first post-launch DLC is now live for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, for individuals and part of the season pass.  Keep reading to view the details.

Watch the ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Live-Action Music Video

Nintendo is gearing up to release the new Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey. That being said, they just released a new music video that is sure to knock your socks off.

WWE 2K18: Game Modes: My Career & Road To Glory

WWE 2K18 features two distinctive game modes My Career and Road To Glory. The character that you make in the career mode is the same fighter you can use in Road To Glory creating a realistic system that builds up your character then allows you to show them off in an all-new online mode that follows the actual WWE Pay-Per-View schedule.

Check out the 5 WWE 2K18 DLCs

Revealing the multiple upcoming WWE 2K18 DLC packages including new players, new moves, clothes, and other bonuses that all will be available throughout the game’s course. Expect Individual content packages this year and other packages releasing early 2018.

Switch Welcomes Stardew Valley This Week

The beloved Stardew Valley farming sim is coming to the Nintendo Switch after a year of testing.  Keep reading to see what ConcernedApe, the on man developer of the game has to say.  

Stardew Valley is Officially Heading to the Switch

Stardew Valley changed how many people view an RPG farming simulator after Chucklefish launched the game on Steam, and now they have finally gotten approval for their Nintendo Switch version!

Fire Emblem Warriors Gets DLC Plans

Nintendo announced the DLC’s coming to Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch and 3DS in releasing in October.  The Switch will be receiving a special edition version as well.

Engine Problems Hold Up Yooka-Laylee Switch Release

Yooka-Laylee does not have a release date set for the Nintendo Switch due to engine issues, though the game is out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Attack on Titan 2 Heading to Nintendo Switch

The new game Attack on Titan 2 has now been confirmed that it will be available on the Nintendo Switch and other previously announced consoles.  

Now You Can Enable Two-Factor Authorization On Nintendo Online Accounts

Today Nintendo initiated an app authenticator for your online Nintendo accounts.  This is a security measure that everyone should take to make sure no one else can access your account without your consent.

Nintendo Switch: Netflix to Launch

While Nintendo has been becoming an amazing gaming system it lacks the multimedia aspects.  This may be changing soon with Netflix being added to the Switch. 

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