Pokemon Go May Add New Pokemon

A new event in Pokemon Go has players speculating if there are bigger changes to come.  Will we see more Pokemon?

Super Mario Run to Get New Character & World Next Week Friday

Not hearing much of the popular mobile game Super Mario Run since it was released, we find out next week brings us a major update.  

‘Justice League’ VR Experienced Announced

Warner Bros. announced the new immersive Justice League VR: The Complete Experience.  Have the chance to become part of the superheroes from the next installment of DC’s extended universe.  

Super Mario Run Now Available on Android

Nintendo has officially released their first Mario mobile phone game, Super Mario Run, on Android. This came at an earlier date than expected, and was released yesterday rather than today.

Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch, has been highly anticipated and critiqued on the ability to go from console docked mode to mobile. This is one of the most crucial details that change the Nintendo Switch from the predecessors such as the Wii U and Wii.

Pokemon GO Halloween Event

Niantic has decided to release a Pokemon GO Halloween Event that will make a larger celebration of the spooky holiday. From October 26th to November 1st, Pokemon Trainers will have bonuses available to them.

Heroes of the Dungeon Action RPG Mobile Game Begins Beta

From developer InterServ International comes the all-new 3D mobile action RPG Heroes of the Dungeon, which promises the largest roster of playable characters in a dungeon crawler.

Niantic Revokes Legendary ‘Articuno’ Pokemon From Exploiters

According to a few gyms in Ohio, the legendary Pokemon ‘Articuno’ was found to be the current leader. While this seemed like a huge impact on the game (which hasn’t released any legendaries to date), it shows that one player looked into the game files and found a way to access the inaccessible Pokemon. Unfortunately for them, developer Niantic has revoked their cheating Pokemon.

Japanese Gymnast Gets $5,000 Phone Bill Because of Too Much Pokémon GO

It even happens to the best of us: Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura racked up charges of about $5,000 on his latest bill due to playing too much Pokémon GO.

iOS RPG The Quest Ported to PC

The Quest, originally developed for Pocket PC and then ported to iOS in 2009, is a shameless recreation of retro RPGs back when first-person open-world games of its type were all the riot. Recently the game has found its way onto Steam.

Free Tower Defense Game ‘Moon Tower Attack’ Coming to iOS & Android

If you’re itching for a new tower defense game to play on the fly, Game Torque Studio is proud to announce Moon Tower Attack.

4 the King: Murderous Mobile Madness!

After burying my head in some horror for a couple weeks, I thought it fitting to play something that took a similar angle with a far less serious drive. I realized why I normally never play horror games, and its more than just my aging heart can’t take the jump scares. I welcome it, fucking sissies. It is more that modern horror is more gory than scary, but 4 the King is the genuine article!...[Read More]

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