Satoru Iwata stays on as Nintendo President

With the recent success of Mario Kart 8 hitting 2 million sales and Wii U consoles sales also up, it seems investors still have faith in Mr. Iwata as President of Nintendo. For now.

Nintendo Refocuses on ‘Quality of Life’

The devastating flop of the Wii U has had the company out of the spotlight since its initial release, keeping fans generally disinterested. So why should we be concerned with their ideas for future innovations?

The Real Reason Why Nintendo Is In Trouble

I keep on hearing about how Nintendo is in trouble and is dying because the Wii-U is doing poorly. The problem with that is this: the financial data does not back this up. Nintendo’s financial data that they released showed they made a profit of $98,891,500 (¥10,195,000,000).

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