Green Arrow

Arrow – Oliver Queen’s Dossier Review

Titan Book’s has gone beyond their art books and novels to bring something completely different in this Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier compilation, which accompanies The CW Television Network series, Arrow. Featuring information such as investigations, equipment, and allies – this book is fantastic for any fan of the DC Comic’s series, Arrow or Green Arrow.

Watch: A New Team Assembles on Arrow Season 5

The CW Television Network has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming fifth season of Arrow, letting us know that the team is getting renewed with many new faces joining forces, even if they have to suffer during their training with Oliver.

Legends of Tomorrow: Old Man Arrow & Connor Hawke to Appear

For a long time now, fans of Arrow have been looking forward to see Stephen Amell with Oliver Queen’s legendary goatee, something that we’ve been repeatedly told won’t be happening. However, that statement might just apply for the Arrow show, as that seems to be coming during DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1×06 “Star City 2146.”

Arrow 4×01 “Green Arrow” Synopsis

The CW Television Network has finally released the official synopsis for the highly anticipated season 4 premiere episode of Arrow which has been conveniently titled “Green Arrow” and you can check it out below.

Arrow 4×01 “Green Arrow” Promotional Photos

The CW Television Network certainly wants us to get excited about the return of Oliver Queen to Star City and has released a full batch of promotional photos for the season 4 premiere of Arrow which has been conveniently titled “Green Arrow.”

New Extended Arrow Season 4 Trailer

With just a few weeks to go before the fourth season of Arrow premieres, we are in that time when networks decide to start increasing the hype for their shows by releasing plenty of trailers, posters and so on. Arrow isn’t an exception, and just days after the reveal of its first trailer, we get a new one shared through the show’s official Twitter account.

Arrow: First Look at Team Arrow’s Lair for Season 4

Entertainment Weekly has released the first photo of the new lair Team Arrow will have during the fourth season of Arrow, and it does look…familiar, yet awesome.

Arrow: Rutina Wesley’s Role Revealed, More Details on Constantine

A couple of days ago we got to know about the casting of Rutina Wesley for a mysterious role during the fourth season of Arrow, and now the role she will be playing has been revealed; not to mention the fact that we got some more details about the upcoming appearance of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) in an episode of the show.

Arrow 4×05 Title Revealed, Constantine Confirmed

That’s right, I am not lying about this. Even though Constantine was cancelled, we are going to get one more appearance of John Constantine on TV, and it will happen in Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 “Haunted.”

It’s Official: Green Arrow vs Stardust is Happening at SummerSlam

I have been following this whole story closely from the comfort of my chair, but I didn’t cover it because I knew it was going this way, but now that it has been confirmed, it is time for me to write a little bit about the upcoming fight between Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE Superstar Stardust.

Oliver & Thea to Have New Love Interests in Arrow Season 4

Arrow is soon to come back from its break and jump into the action of its fourth season, but the cast won’t be coming alone, as three new characters are coming to the show’s fourth season, letting us know that there will be a lot of troubles in paradise during the season.

Arrow 4×03 Title & BTS Photos Revealed

The fourth season of The CW Television Network’s Arrow has begun production, and the third episode of the season has been given an official title, plus it started shooting yesterday in the alley behind Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre, where Amell had to perform a scene in which Oliver Queen gets hit by a car.

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