Gamer Heaven

Online Store Review: Gamer Heaven (New Administration: AIrwave Apparel Ltd)

If you’ve been around enough to have read my first review for Gamer Heaven which was published back in 2014, you already know that I simply stated facts about how awful their customer service was, and how I thought that company was a mere scam. Well, some months ago, AIrwave Apparel Ltd bought Gamer Heaven from former owners Crazy4ltd, and I got contacted by the new administrators asking me ...[Read More]

Online Store Review: Gamer Heaven

Update (October 2, 2016): New review of this store can be found here. In this new series, we will be reviewing the service provided by online stores, not any stores, but those who we as gamers and geeks use in order to get our precious goodies. The first entry in the series is Gamer Heaven. Update: Gamer Heaven is now under new administration. I will be ordering something from them as soon as I ca...[Read More]

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