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Way Back Wednesday – Dungeon Keeper part 14

Once again we’re back with an all-time favorite, Dungeon Keeper. We see some progress in this episode, but victory still evades us.

Dungeon Keeper Gameplay Walkthrough Part 13

Dungeon Keeper two days in a row! I just couldn’t stop playing.

Way Back Wednesday – Dungeon Keeper Part 12

It’s Wednesday, so let’s go back to 1997 and destroy gullible heroes and ravage peaceful lands in Dungeon Keeper.

Way Back Wednesday – Dungeon Keeper Part 11

Way Back Wednesday on a Thursday? Yes, I’m late. But after nothing but failure the last two videos of the series, we finally achieve victory in this particular Dungeon Keeper realm!

Way Back Wednesday – Dungeon Keeper Part 9

Released in 1997 and designed by the god of the godlike genre, Peter Molyneux, Dungeon Keeper is a devilishly fun strategy game where the player steps into the shoes of the bad guy.

Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough Part 8

This is Dungeon Keeper, where it’s good to be bad. Our bloody crusade of evil almost lead to a defeat in this episode as we were ambushed by a ton of enemy minions, but we walked away victorious and extremely wealthy!

Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough #7

We’re BACK!! After an extremely long wait, the next episode of Dungeon Keeper is finally here. Dungeon Keeper walkthrough! Join us on this bloody crusade of evil.

Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough Part 6

It’s been a while, but welcome back to Dungeon Keeper! In this episode, we crossed some lava and demolished a few waves of pitiful heroes from Flowerhat. They obviously didn’t stand a chance.  We destroyed an enemy Dungeon Heart for the first time, and now the Lord of the land’s corpse rots in the dungeon as a warning to all future adventurers…

Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough Part 5

Today we stopped by Flowerhat to set up shop. In this episode we were given gems for the first time! We’ll venture north in the next episode and tear the Heroes limb from limb… Don’t forget to hit that Like button for more Dungeon Keeper!

Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough Part 4

Our evil crusade continues in this Dungeon Keeper walkthrough as we defeat the Hero of Waterdream Warm… He-he-he-he. We end up waiting a little bit longer for the enemy to dig around, and we kind of get ambushed when we venture out of our cozy dungeon. Nothing to worry about, though. We slaughtered them and a Warlock got the final hit on the Hero with his flame spell. We even took all of their tre...[Read More]

Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough Part 3

Our evil crusade continues in this Dungeon Keeper walkthrough as we begin to tarnish and corrupt the underland of Waterdream Warm… He-he-he-he.

Dungeon Keeper Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2

Hello viewers, welcome back to some more Dungeon Keeper gameplay! This is episode 2, where we defeat another pitiful Hero and meet Big Bird along the way.

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