DualShock 4

New DUALSHOCK 4 Crystal Controllers

PlayStation is bringing back the 90’s style, see through controllers to PS4.  Three brand new crystal controllers are available for pre-order now, or will be released for sale in October 2017.

Redesigned Dualshock 4 Controller For Individual Sale

As of today, Sony‘s redesigned Dualshock 4 controllers can be purchased individually at retailers rather than only being bundled with new PS4 Slim models.

Nyko Power Pak Review (Dualshock 4)

Nyko is a company pretty well known for their charge stations, battery packs, and controllers. Over the past week, we’ve put their Dualshock 4 Power Pak to the test, and the results have been positive. If you have a PS4 and the controller’s battery life is too short for your liking, this is definitely a great option for you if you’d like to stay wireless. Take a look at our full ...[Read More]

Stop Whining About The DualShock 4 Battery

Alright, it’s rant time. Every time the PS4‘s controller is mentioned on the internet, it seems to be followed by a wave of commenters talking about the things they dislike about the controller. Usually, the main gripe concerns the battery life, as the vocal commenters seem to think it doesn’t last long enough. I’m not saying their argument is invalid… alright, yes I ...[Read More]

PS4 1.71 Update Available, Fixes Major Bugs

The PS4‘s 1.70 update brought us the SHAREfactory app, but the 1.71 update is a little less boisterous. Instead, this update simply fixes some bugs and adds in 16 player voice chat.

Without Memory Official Site Launched

New game by Russian Developer Dinosaurum Without Memory has launched an official website earlier this morning, bringing an onrush of traffic to the upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive. The site is in Russian, but can easily be translated into any language.

Reason Behind the DualShock 4 Light Bar

It’s bright, it’s pretty, and it changes colors in different circumstances. But, it seems pretty unnecessary and drains a lot of power from the battery. The Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 controller was designed with a light bar at the top of the controller, that players have never really known why it was there.

Weekly Recap #22

It is Sunday again, which means a brand new Weekly Recap is here! This week…CES 2014 took place, and with it we got some announcements that are of our concern. Interestingly enough, some old news have risen again for this week’s recap, so let’s take a look at them.

PS4 accounts for 10% of all Twitch streaming this month

Sony’s customers respond well to streaming and spectator services. The ability to share and record your gaming session on the PS4 straight from the Dualshock controller with a touch of a button was quite genious in my opinion and Sony could not have included it at a better time. Gamers are sharing their game time now more than ever as Sony has announced that 10% of all streaming on Twitch.tv...[Read More]

Weekly Recap #13

It is Sunday again, and this only means a brand new Weekly Recap is due. This week, there have been some interesting news here and there, and I’ve been thinking about doing some changes, which I’ll elaborate on sometime soon. But I know you’re here to see what was trending this week, so let’s get to it! This post was quite viewed this week, but it isn’t really a news-...[Read More]

Weekly Recap #12

It’s Sunday again, which means it is time for another Weekly Recap. This week there are some more articles on the list because some have the exact same activity on them, and overall was a pretty nice week, full of different news. #5(4): Pokémon X & Y Patch goes live A patch for Pokemon X & Y went live, fixing the game-breaking bug it had, along with some other fixes. #5(3): Eko Softw...[Read More]

Weekly Recap #11

Another week is gone, and that only means another Weekly Recap! This week has been quite a good one, with a lot of information, interestingly enough, the top stories are quite similar as you can figure by the preview above! This week, I’ll post the top 7 stories, simply because only the most active one isn’t about “the same topics”, they go between 3-4 different topics, but...[Read More]

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