Venom Director Confirms Story Arcs for the Film

At the Comic-Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sony introduced Venom’s director Ruben Fleischer who gave a few details of the upcoming film.  Keep reading to find out which two stories will be used from the comics.

Watch: New Syfy ‘Krypton’ Teaser Trailer

Syfy has just released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming sci-fi series called Krypton. Get a glimpse into what the prequel to Superman is here!

First Look At Jessica Chastain and Who She Is Playing In ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

Originally thought to be playing Shi’ar Empress Lilandra Neramani, now confirmed who she will actually be playing in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix.  Keep reading to find out who she will be playing in this upcoming film.

Marvel Announces ‘The Long Night’ a Wolverine Serial Podcast

Wolverine fans will be excited to hear that Marvel and Stitcher Premium have teamed up for a scripted podcast called Wolverine: The Long Night.  To get the details of this upcoming podcast keep reading.

Watch: New Origin Trailer for ‘Black Lightning’

The CW released a new origin trailer for their upcoming DC series Black Lightning.  Keep reading to watch the new trailer!

Many DC Comic Characters May Be Joining ‘Titans’

Many fans are excited for the upcoming DC series Titans.  Some recent reports have shown even more DC Comic characters joining the series.  To find out more about what characters may be on the new series keep reading.

Patty Jenkins Details Wonder Woman 2; Romance and New Characters

The brilliant Patty Jenkins that directed DC Entertainment’s phenomenal Wonder Woman movie has just revealed new details on the sequel Wonder Woman 2, involving new characters and a blossoming romance.

The Complete James Bond: Octopussy – The Classic Comic Strip Collection 1966-69

James Bond is back in action in this deluxe omnibus with four timeless tales starring Agent 007. Featuring the iconic Octopussy and The Hildebrand Rarity, based on the short stories by Ian Fleming, which are presented alongside The Harpies and River of Death, two unique adventures created by Jim Lawrence. These lavishly presented, high-action adventures are restored from the original Daily Express...[Read More]

Humble Comics Bundle Riverdale & Archie Available Now!

Humble Bundle just launched their new comics bundle featuring Riverdale and Archie comics. See your favorite Jughead, Josie and Reggie here!

Watch: ‘Black Lightning’ Teaser

The CW just launched a new teaser for their upcoming DC series Black Lightning.  Keep scrolling to check out the video and details!

Jude Law Confirmed for ‘Captain Marvel’ Movie; Welcome to Marvel!

Jude Law has been confirmed for a new role in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, and will work alongside Brie Larsen as her male opposite. This comes just a few months after he joined the Harry Potter franchise as the most powerful wizard, Albus Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Humble Comics Bundle Featuring Ian Fleming’s James Bond!

Humble Bundle has just launched a new comic bundle featuring sets of James Bond comics based on Ian Fleming’s novels. It’s over $74 worth of comics for only $15 or more.

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