Humble Comics Bundle Featuring Ian Fleming’s James Bond!

Humble Bundle has just launched a new comic bundle featuring sets of James Bond comics based on Ian Fleming’s novels. It’s over $74 worth of comics for only $15 or more.

Obsessed with Marvel: Test Your Knowledge of the Marvel Universe Review

Titan Books has just released a new trivia book surrounding the Marvel Universe. Within Obsessed with Marvel, you’ll find over 2,500 questions based on the Marvel Comic Books. Do you think you know everything about Marvel? Wanna test your knowledge? See what we thought of the book here!

Obsessed with Marvel: Test Your Knowledge of the Marvel Universe

Obsessed With Marvel packs 2,500 trivia questions on the Marvel Universe comic books in a single volume, illustrated with some of the most memorable comic artwork in the archives. This new edition includes 300 new questions taken from the most popular Marvel comics released in the past decade. This comprehensive yet compact book will engage even the greatest Marvel comics fan!

Humble Bundle’s New Sex & Science Comic Bundle Available Now!

Humble Bundle has debuted a new Comic bundle, featuring Sex & Science comics, ranging from Swing & Sugar Excerpt, The Darkness Rebirth, and Artemis IX #1!

‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ Titan Comics Review

The Girl Who Played With Fire is a continuation of Lisbeth Salander’s story and gets help from Mikael Blomkvist.  Keep reading to view the story for this comic.

Titan Comics Announces New Bloodborn Series Based on the Video Game!

Titan Comics has just announced that this winter a new comicbook series based on the Bloodborn games will don shelves and digital stores for anticipated readers! New secrets from Old Yharnam will become available to discover in this series.

Alisik: A Gothic Tale by Titan and Statix Press

Titan Comics and Statix Press announced a brand new horror series called Alisik.  Keep reading to view the details.

Marvel’s Runaways Completes Filming

Marvel has teamed up with Hulu in their newest original series Runaways based off of the comic Runaways created by  Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. With the filming process now completed we can expect the first ten piece season to air November 21 exclusively on Hulu.

Deathwatch: Brand-New Comics Based On The Best-Selling Board Game!

Titan Comics and Games workshop team up to bring you brand new Deathwatch comics based on Warhammer 40,000 universe.  Keep reading to view the details.

Fighting American Issue #1 Titan Comics Review

Titan Comics has issued this work of pure Americanized crime-fighting duo. If you thought Captain America was hyped up on the Liberty juice, then you have never seen Fighter American and his over patriotic sidekick Speedboy.

Funko Introduces New DC & Marvel Plush Keychains

Funko has made many DC and Marvel comic characters, but these new plush keychains are the cutest yet.

Hammer Comics: Captain Kronos Titan Comics Review

A great start to a story of Kronos and his team who fight vampires and monsters that fill the land.  Part one of four makes for a great intro into what will happen next.

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