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Back in the 90’s Street Fighter was one of those games that you could go to a friends house and play all night just to settle a score. Those nights…. one more match became several. I’ve been playing Street Fighter as long as I can remember and it has been one of my top 10 gaming series since i can remember. It was the love of the fight. The passion of the combos. Those epic moments like the Daigo parry. So far Capcom has yet to let me down when it’s come to one of their flagship series. So how does it stack up this time to its predecessors?

Let’s get right into it.

Street Fighter V follows a very similar formula that have made its previous entries great, but there are a few differences. The most notably is the V, or “Variable” system (not to be confused with Alpha 3’s Vism). The V system is an extra meter on top of your EX bar which is powered via EX skills and Critical Arts (Supers). This allows for a few new unique abilities. This system allows you to utilize V-Triggers, V-Skills, and V-Reversals. Think of it as the Xfactor from Marvel vs Capcom 3.

V Skills more or less bread-and-butter type moves. Ryu gains lightning to his Hadoken kind of like he had in Street Fighter 3, Ken gains a fire buff to his feet to allow for fire Tatsumaki, and Chun Li gets a aura on her fist which allows for multi hits instead of singular. Triggers are more like temporary boosts which give most of the fighters a alternate state. An example of this is Necalli pretty much going Super Saiyan God. V-Reversals are essentially combo breakers, which all you to interrupt or dodge an opponent’s combo while blocking.

Street Fighter V opens up with a roster of sixteen characters. Sixteen seems small to most but it opens up to more to come along as DLC. Though Akuma isn’t here (My top pick) the new fighters slightly make up for him missing. F.A.N.G., is just a riot to play because he has a style similar to drunken fighting. Necalli is pretty brutal and damn near unstoppable once you get going with him, Rashid is very agile and can move behind opponents at will. Laura is a grappler, but she has some moves to back the opponent away if needed. is slowly growing on me.


Now let’s get to one thing that disappointed me so far. The content. If you are looking for single player modes of a dojo like training mode….. it’s not there! The only real solo elements right now are the story mode which is only about 5-10 mins of gameplay per character that explains some back story. Sadly these are placeholders explaining events that barely even deserve to be in the game. If you want are looking for a full-on cinematic campaign, that’s releasing later (June) as a free download. A real Challenge Mode and Daily Challenges are coming in March, Another thing is as far as online. As of right now there are no large lobbies. Only 1 on 1 battle lounges for online play along with Ranked and Casual matches. There are also server issues galore. I was playing one time in story and because I disconnected from the server it kicked me to the main menu. There is also a survival mode as well.


Street Fighter V is going to me one of those games that people will spend most of thier time online fighting others. The good news: When it works it works well, and once more players start playing and there isn’t as many issues, it’s going to be great. Capcom has also added CFN (Capcom Fighter Network) into Street Fighter V, This is a platform that will not only allow cross-platform play between the PC and PS4, but it also allows users to search for and view replays from other players. This is a good concept as long as players keep adding to it. Another great addition is Fight Money which is a in game currency which allows players to unlock additional content. This is a good way to obtain Characters and Skins if you do not want to shell out for the season pass. This will also make it so we don’t have 5 different versions of the game like we did for Street Fighter IV.

Graphically SFV is impressive. It looks like an updated version of SFIV engine and the effects are top notch. The soundtrack is also pretty nostalgic. It was like to hear Ryu’s theme again in a updated tone. I am actually pretty excited to hear Guile’s theme when he is released later. As of right now Street Fighter V is extremely unfinished. However it offers a solid foundation to build upon. If Capcom can stick to their guns and fix the issues that are plaguing it right now. We will have a very promising fighter on our hands that could outlast SFII and SFIV. But until then we have a game that has a good GPU, Excellent memory and processor, But no storage for features and no stable network capability.


  • Great soundtrack
  • Awesome V Skills
  • Great graphics


  • Network server problems
  • Lack of content
  • Story mode


Gameplay - 8
Story - 5
Soundtrack - 9
Graphics - 9
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