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WWE Battleground 2017: At Least they Tried!

I like logic in wrestling. I know, I know, sometimes these nouns have nothing in common (Angle’s illegitimate son in 2017? Really?), but crazy histories don’t mean that the wrestling itself cannot have some logic in what happens inside the ring. If you are like me, last Sunday’s Battleground is not for you!

Mae Young Classic First Round Match List

As it is usual with this kind of event, the WWE has already recorded what we will be able to watch through the WWE Network on August 28 when the first four episodes of the Mae Young Classic become available to stream, so below you can find the full list of matches for the first round of this 32-women single-elimination championship. We al...[Read More]

WWE Announces All Competitors for the Mae Young Classic

For a few weeks now we’ve been getting some notifications about competitors for the upcoming Mae Young Classic women’s tournament from WWE, a tournament that has gathered the best 32 women’s talent and will be streaming, exclusively, through the WWE Network.

AJ Styles Becomes the US Champion at MSG Live Event

As most of you know, WWE hosts many live events around the world, events that do not get broadcasted on TV and that are mostly to get people all around the world to say “present” at WWE events, get to see their favorite superstars, and have a great time. During these events, wrestlers have more creative freedom, but championsh...[Read More]

Money! Money Money Money Money! (Money in the Bank Isn’t Worth the Money)

Money in The Bank came and went, and just like a hurricane, left impact after passing. And right now, the women’s division, not only at SmackDown but in all WWE, and the whole company is on emergency state.

WWE Live Costa Rica 2017: The Path Between the Journalist and the Fan

The first time I witnessed a WWE live show was on February 13, 2010. By that time, I was only 15, and had been a wrestling fan since I was 11 or 12 years old. However, living in Costa Rica, even imagining watching a WWE live event was a dream almost unrealizable. My family did not have the means to travel to the United States just to indu...[Read More]

Possible Spoiler for Women’s Money in the Bank Match

We all know that this Sunday, the SmackDown exclusive Money in the Bank PPV will be taking place, featuring the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Something that has caught our attention is that, instead of being a six women match as it is for men, it was only announced for 5 women, but the WWE started announcing it ...[Read More]

First Ever Women’s Money in the Bank Match Announced

The upcoming SmackDown exclusive pay-per-view Money in the Bank is shaping up to be rather great, and tonight we got one announcement that definitely took us all by surprise, as there’s going to be a women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match during this event.

WWE Backlash: With a #DontHinderJinder Comes Great Responsibility

The past week was the Backlash weekend (is that even a thing?) and the expectations were, let’s say “mixed”: Nakamura’s debut, Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles that could be a match of the year candidate, The Welcoming Committee, Mahal as main eventer (I said mixed opinions!). And of course, the always hell of a show that TakeOver has become in r...[Read More]

2017’s Money in the Bank Participants Announced

Tonight’s SmackDown Live! started with the biggest news it could’ve brought right after Backlash as Shane O’Mac introduced 5 participants for the upcoming PPV Money in the Bank‘s main event, and you can check out who will participate in this match below.

Backlash Match Card & Predictions

The next WWE Pay-Per-View event, Backlash, which is a SmackDown Live exclusive event is approaching really fast, and below you can find the full match card for this May 21 event which will be taking place at Chicago’s Allstate Arena along with some predictions about its matches.

SmackDown Live! Gets New Faces from the Superstar Shake-Up

Last night we got to see -and get surprised by- quite a few SmackDown Live! superstars going into the ring as RAW’s new acquisitions. Tonight was the time for us all to know who did Shane McMahon get in exchange, and you can check them all out below.

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