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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are definitely back, and I had a blast watching this film last night at the theater as it definitely brought back some memories from when I was just a kid watching the first generation Power Rangers on TV.

What can I say about Power Rangers? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since I finished watching the movie. The film takes us back to Angel Grove, to a group of the least possibly teenage-looking teens, besides, maybe, Billy and Trini, mostly Billy though. These “kids” are messed up people, each one going through different personal issues, and they are mostly labeled as “bad kids” at this point in time.


The movie begins with one interesting battle, we see the Red Ranger defeated, along with his team, they are fighting an extraordinary adversary of course, so he decides to take the ultimate step to win this battle, not before collecting the “power coins” from his fallen teammates and his own, asking these coins to only choose a worthy being to take on the role of the next Power Rangers.

The basic story here is that there’s a “Life Crystal” on Earth, this crystal is the reason for there to be life over here and of course, this crystal is located somewhere in Angel Grove. The Rangers that got defeated at the beginning of the movie were protecting this crystal, they gave their lives to protect it, and this time, a new team of Rangers would have to do the same as the villain of this story, Rita Repulsa, will be trying to get it and destroy life on Earth.

The new Rangers, not knowing they are going to become a team, get to meet each other in some interesting circumstances. First, we get to know that Jason was the town’s hero at some point for his football appearances with the city’s team, but does a lot of stupid things which obviously get him in troubles, going to the point of having to go to detention on weekends. The first time he goes there, he sees how the bully is messing with one of the kids over there, one who seems to not be paying attention to anyone else, and is just ” playing” with his color pens. Jason defends him against this bully and then gets to know his name is Billy, they rapidly become friends after Billy helps Jason in order to get him to help him with something else.

Kimberly is also in detention, she sees how Jason helps Billy when he is being bullied. This is how it all starts, as fate is putting everything in place for the new Rangers to meet.

There’s an excavation near the city, and Billy wants to go there. Jason takes him there and he starts working on some sort of explosive device to “go deeper”. In the meantime, Jason sees Kimberly being around there minding her own business, while we meet someone else, a guy who seems to be chilling nearby, without being noticed. He sees a girl practicing some yoga (apparently), and also sees Billy and Jason. After an explosion, they all gather nearby Billy, and here is where they discover the “Power Coins”.

Now, unlike the way things worked in the original series we all watched way too many years ago to even bother counting, we get to know that, while the Power Coins chose them -somehow- they already have their power suits inside them, so they need to start the “morphin” process to get them out. This is the whole idea of this movie, we get to know these kids, their problems, their secrets. We get to know who they really are and see how they become a real team when they are the last defense of the planet.


Jason is the typical sports guy. He was the core-back of the football team and he led it to the championship. He now just does stupid things that get him in troubles, going as far as breaking the law. Even with this attitude, Jason is as loyal as you can imagine, he’ll cover his friends as much as he can, even if it means taking full responsibility of their acts.

Billy is a rather interesting character, I’d even say he is the main character of the whole team in the movie. Billy has some level of autism, and his way of expressing himself gives this film a rather refreshing feel to it, he is the one who unites the whole team because of his unfiltered honesty and how friendly he is with everyone. I don’t remember many times in which a character is so lovable and relatable to some extend as they got Billy to be.

Kimberly is basically a girl who made a horrible mistake. Someone who is hated by many, but deeply regrets what she has done. She is looking for her place in this world, and becoming a part of something bigger than her might just do the trick for her.

Zack is the typical troubled guy who hides it all behind all his craziness, acting as if nothing bothers him, or scares him. He is reckless, and everyone just think he is rather crazy, limitless. When we get to know his backstory, and who he really is, we understand why he acts this way.

Trini is the one we get to know about last. She is a mystery for a good part of the film. She doesn’t feel confident about being with people, making friends. She’s created a wall around her to protect herself from everything, going from her unsupportive family, to the possibility to open herself to anyone else.

Then we have Zordon and Alpha 5. They are the ones who help the new Power Rangers. I won’t say too much about them, as I know you’ll like the idea of who they are and how they work with the Rangers. Zordon’s story is rather interesting, and it caught me out of base for sure.

Then, there’s Rita. She is the villain of this story. She knows the Power Rangers all too well, and is really skilled at what she does. Her only motivation is to become stronger, and we get to see her going from zero to all-mighty throughout the film.


I was annoyed a couple of times during the movie, because there were some awful edits to scenes. I sometimes seem to pay too close attention to details, and that’s something I’d like for the ones in charge of getting these edits done to have. There were these scenes where characters were doing something, and when they moved to “a new angle” of that same scene -supposedly- one character would be on a different place he/she was at before, or have a completely different facial expression. This was so annoying and bothersome for me that there’s even one scene that got stuck on my head where Trini was laughing and as soon as the camera angle changed, she was a step behind and all too serious.


The soundtrack of the film is exactly what it had to be. You’ll find yourself feeling like a kid again when you listen to the original Power Rangers soundtrack. It was just what it had to be, without making it too much like comics’ sounds, which was great for me.

Final Verdict

Power Rangers is a great movie that does its job at bringing old memories back, and using the technology we have now in order to get the visual effects to look as great as they do make it all better. There is a lot of humor, not all of it is good, a couple of jokes felt a bit too forced, but overall, you’ll laugh quite a few times. Other than that, expect a slow-paced story that is thought to be “the beginning” of something rather than a whole thing; however, this mission we get to see has a beginning and a “Team Rocket” like ending, something I’m still unsure how I feel about. For all-time fans of the Rangers, there’s really nothing that will surprise you; at times you’ll even feel frustrated about some things they aren’t doing that we all know they can/should; however, it is super fun to watch, and it gives you the same feeling as when Goku was performing that first Spirit Bomb against Frieza, you know what I’m talking about.

Since this is the first of who-knows-how-many movies, this is a must watch, as it’ll help you decide whether or not you’ll be watching the upcoming ones.


  • Interesting take on Rangers' backstories
  • Billy
  • Zordon's Decision
  • Zords
  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Classic Power Rangers action


  • Alpha is rather annoying
  • Annoying scenes editing
  • Rita was easily defeated
  • Fighting learning curve was massively short


Story - 8
Characters - 8.5
Action - 9
Cinematography - 6.5
Soundtrack - 10
John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.

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