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Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game based on Nintendo’s legendary Pokemon franchise, with distinct differences. While the idea is Pokemon, the minds behind Pokemon Uranium made sure to include their own versions of Pokemon to balance out the few originals that they used, and also made a disclosure at the start of the game.

A Lucky One in 1.5 Million

Being one of the lucky 1.5 million people to download Pokemon Uranium before the requested removal by Nintendo, I have been thoroughly enjoying the game-play. It’s different than your typical Pokemon game, where there is an RPG aspect that Nintendo has been lacking in their Pokemon franchise. With sadness revolving the main character (whom you play as), the story-line is as predictable as you would expect, but brings a freshness to a repetitive game style.

uranium disclosureStory – RPG Style

The main character whom you are in Pokemon Uranium has a distraught background of a mother who (supposedly) passed away in a power-plant explosion, and a father who is so obsessed with his work and depress from the accident, he ignores his only child. While you play as the only child, you live with your grandmother before you embark on your pokemon trainer quest – where you guessed it, you must fight in gym battles to get badges.

uranium mapIn some essence you could consider typical Pokemon games to be RPG styled, but with my experience they don’t have nearly as much background as Pokemon Uranium has developed. It would be nice if Nintendo took a leaf out of the Pokemon Uranium team, and added some backstory to your character before setting them off on their adventure. It goes even further in Pokemon Uranium to involve you meeting your father during your adventures and connecting with him on a level you have yet to before.

Game play – Typical Pokemon Style

When playing Pokemon Uranium, it depicts normal Pokemon style when battling people, catching pokemon in Poke-Balls, and of course getting your gym badges. With graphics and game play nostalgically beautiful to Leaf Green and Fire Red, I enjoyed every minute of my time in this game. You take turns sending pokemon out, as your oponent does the same, and moves are calculated in PP while health is HP. In addition, there are the normal PP boosts, potions, revives, and other necessities for pokemon training.

Uranium Starter Pokemon

Uranium Starter Pokemon

Unique ‘Uranium’ Pokemon

The Pokemon Uranium developers took their game to another level by not only designing unique pokemon for the game, but also making alternative ‘uranium’ pokemon in question. Since the power-plant exploded, it lead to pokemon getting toxic doses of uranium, which changed their move-set, ability to listen to their trainer, and immune to certain attacks. This new addition brought more to the game than we have yet to see from Nintendo’s Pokemon (though this will change with Sun and Moon coming out this fall).

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Acquiring Pokemon Uranium

While I was lucky enough to download the game directly from the Pokemon Uranium website before Nintendo requested it be taken down, I bet with a bit of research you would be able to find the game online. We do understand why Nintendo requested the removal (copyright infringement), we also understand that the game is gaining no monetary value, and is using original ideas with the basis of Nintendo’s franchise. Ways in which the Pokemon Uranium team could have avoided this was to avoid the use of the term ‘Pokemon’ in their game, and also avoid using some of the original pokemon that they did.

We hope you enjoyed our review of Pokemon Uranium. I had such a wonderful time playing the game, and can’t wait to catch ’em all as I devote more time to the game!


  • Original Pokemon
  • Disclaimer
  • RPG Story
  • Free Pokemon Game


  • Some Nintendo Pokemon
  • Battle Style as Nintendo
  • Gyms as Nintendo


Story - 8
Graphics - 7
Originality - 9
Playability - 8
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