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Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch, has been highly anticipated and critiqued on the ability to go from console docked mode to mobile. This is one of the most crucial details that change the Nintendo Switch from the predecessors such as the Wii U and Wii.

As someone who is a long-time Nintendo fan, I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on the Switch and seeing what new technology and components Nintendo has put into it. From the versatile docked to mobile mode, and the detachable Joy-Cons, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most marvelous consoles I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

Handling (Mobile)

The Nintendo Switch is in many ways similar to the Wii U gamepad but also different. The Wii U gamepad was bulky and hard to handle for a long period of time, but the Switch is light and the Joy-Cons are perfectly placed for comfort. Being able to detach it and lay down up-close with the screen is one of the biggest benefits of the Nintendo Switch. I would compare the weight to a Kindle device; never tiring your arms.

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Handling (Docked)

The docked version of the Nintendo Switch requires detaching the Joy-Cons and either playing with them in each hand or putting them on their little controller that comes in the Nintendo Switch box. Handling the controller isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely more square than any other Nintendo controller before. It’s comfortable for short to long periods of time, but feels a little weird when you’re farther away from the Nintendo Switch screen. It’s almost as if the most comfortable and natural way to play the games is using the mobile method.

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Loading and Home Screen

Loading up the Switch is almost instantaneous, and getting the games loaded is also quick. The home screen features options to play installed games, along with the cartridge loaded. When selecting a game you can choose which profile to play as, and the game’s saved data will be placed on that profile. There’s no known way to switch profile data over, so ensure you play on the right one or you may lose it. This is a good feature in my opinion because it ensures that people will be playing on their own profiles, and of course the load screen is a big benefit.


So far in my playing, I haven’t experienced any real issues with Joy-Cons being disconnected from the device. At one point in time while playing Snipperclips, one Joy-Con wasn’t being picked up because it was 10 feet from the device, and also behind a chair. The sensing could be related to how close you are, and if there’s anything in the path. As for detaching them and making them connect to their controller/wrist straps, the process is a bit tricky. There’s a button on the back that releases the Joy-Con, but you also have to pull it up to take it completely off.

When it comes to dealing with the controller and the wrist straps, you have to just placed them carefully down their slide so they don’t get jammed; and also make sure you have the correct + or – symbol matching up. By far the wrist straps are most difficult because they have an extra lock on the strap part that keeps it in place. You have to push that up, and the switch button to remove it completely.

I’m not too fond of the second extra lock on the wrist straps, only because it nearly got jammed once when try to remove the Joy-Con. If it does get jammed, then the user has no option but to force a detach since the Joy-Con won’t be able to attach to the Nintendo Switch.

Overall Thoughts

Though the Nintendo Switch has the processing power of a Nivida tablet, the ability to play games on the fly and also at home with friends is balanced perfectly. I would have never been able to project my Nintendo 3DS games on the TV for all to see without jumping through hoops to get hardware.

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  • Moves from Docked to Mobile Instantly
  • Joy-Cons Click in With Noise on Switch
  • Light and Easy to Carry
  • Home Screen is Easy to Navigate
  • Load Times are Quick
  • Joy-Cons Are Comfortable With No Connection Problems


  • Joy-Cons Can Get Jammed on Wrist Straps
  • Wrist Straps Have an Extra Lock
  • Removing Joy-Cons Can Be a Pain


Going from Docked to Mobile - 9
Dock Playing - 8
Mobile Playing - 9.5
Joy-Con Quality - 9
Joy-Con Transition (Wrist Straps) - 5
Joy-Con Transition (Controller) - 6.8
Loading Screen (Time) - 9
Home Screen (Layout & Navigation) - 8.9
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