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Tonight I had the chance to finally watch one of the most anticipated movies of 2017: Logan (which for some reason, in Spanish, is titled Logan Wolverine…I don’t get it either…). I will start by being straight forward to you: with this beginning for comics-based movies, I can’t see any movie being better than Logan.


The year is 2029, mutants are no longer around except for two of them: Logan and Professor Xavier; however, they aren’t saving the world anymore, they are just living, trying to survive. This goes as far as for Logan to be working as a sort of limousine-uber.

Everything seems to be working out just fine enough to survive, until Logan is found by Gabriela, a woman who looks desperate for Logan to pay attention to her. Of course, this is the beginning of Hugh Jackman’s last adventure as the iconic character that is Wolverine.


For Logan, I will move away from my usual way to tell you the story, I will be as brief and undescriptive as possible; however, be aware that there may be some mild spoilers that won’t be hidden.

The story is quite simple, actually. Mutants -for some unexplained reason- are no longer around. It seems like the government has found a way to make them disappear entirely. The only two mutants around are, as I mentioned before, Logan and Professor X. We get to know that the professor is not at a 100% given his age, but thanks to his condition we get to see Logan’s caring side.

We get to meet Laura, a young girl (11) who is also a mutant, but not any kind of mutant, she has the exact same special skills Logan does. Enhanced.

From this point on, we get to know how Laura came to exist, we get to know her background story, and the fact that she is looking for a mutant safe haven, and only Logan can get her there. Reminds you of any kind of story in particular?


As it is the case with any and every movie, characters are important, even when we’ve known them for a while already as it is the case with Logan and the professor.

Logan is really old for this movie, he gives the “Old Man Logan” title a whole new meaning when we compare his looks to how he was in previous movies. We all know how tough he is, and how he doesn’t like and avoids caring about anyone at all, but that isn’t the case when it comes to Charles, as he is the one taking care of him now that he has aged and can’t even properly control his powers.

Throughout this movie, we finally get to see a Logan who really cares for someone else, and not like he did with Jane, no, this time he is becoming a human, not only because he takes care of Charles, but because of the way he behaves with Laura…

When we see Charles, we see a man in his last few years of life. At least at first. I promised not to spoil the movie too much during this review (maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll update it with spoilers, but that’s not a promise, though). You see a huge development of Charles’ personality and powers. He does show how much he cares about Logan and his well-being, and is the first one to communicate with Laura, to the point that he made a connection with her even before anyone else knew about her existence.

Charles is the character that brings some depth and emotions to the movie, he definitely is an integral part of this story, and you’ll definitely feel everything that he wants you to feel throughout the film.

Laura is an exceptional character that shows how with a limited capacity to communicate with others, you can let people know exactly what you want to say. She is the well known X-23 mutant, with the exact same powers Logan does but with some differences like the fact that she only has two blades coming out of each hand, and the rather important -yet not used too much- single blades coming out of her feet.

Without any explanation other than the fact that she is a natural fighter, she is as good a fighter as Logan is, of course, this can also be attributed to the fact that Logan is getting old and tired while she is just a kid with a lot more energy, agility and speed in her movements.

Relationship Between Logan and Laura

We already know that they both have the same powers, but how exactly does this relationship go? Well, Laura arrives to Logan’s life in an unexpected way, and just like if Logan was The Transporter, he is tasked with taking her to a specific location in a set amount of time. The kind of relationship we get to see develop between these two characters resembles quite a lot that of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us, something that many fans notices just by checking at the film’s trailers and images.

If you played the game, or watched anyone play it, you can’t deny they look exactly the same, and believe me, their relationship is quite similar as well so it isn’t only the looks, and this is rather great for this movie.

R Rating

Definitely, Logan was created to have an R rating. It needed to be like this in order to show us the final chapter in the Wolverine story, and the beginning of X-23’s one. There is no way in which we could’ve gotten the story right without this rating, but be aware, if you are too sensitive to gruesome images, this movie might not be for you, as you will end up messed up after seeing some action sequences of it. It doesn’t go as bloody as Kill Bill, but it is a gruesome one with some rather realistic images and without the humor we witnessed in last year’s Deadpool.

Final Verdict

I can’t really see any movie being better than what I watched and experienced in Logan, and this isn’t just for 2017, I really mean that I can’t see a better movie coming out any time soon, going to the point of really giving the highest score I’ve ever given, as Logan -in my book- has earned the perfect score when going through everything that it brought to the table.

Oh, and just in case, there isn’t any post-credits scene, so no need to stay during the credits.


  • Well-deserved R rating
  • It is a rollercoaster of emotions
  • Laura (X-23) is a badass
  • Dafne Keen's acting is top notch
  • Intense action
  • Touching story


  • There is no downside for this film


Story - 10
Characters - 10
Action - 10
Cinematography - 10
Soundtrack - 10
John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.

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