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Logan Will NOT Have a Post-Credit Scene *Updated*

The finale of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, titled Logan, was said to have a post-credit scene that you won’t want to miss, which ended up just being rumored. More sources have come forth and denied this post-credit scene, though something in the beginning before the movie may be worth watching.

New Logan Photos Featuring X-23

Some new photos for the upcoming X-Men spin-off movie Logan have surfaced, including some featuring X-23.

Hugh Jackman Reveals Logan Synopsis

Hugh Jackman has taken to his social media to reveal some new information about the upcoming and highly anticipated rater R Logan movie, allowing us to know a little bit more about what’s to come for fan favorite Wolverine (or Logan) in this film.

New Logan Poster Revealed

A new Logan poster has been revealed, showing both Wolverine and the main female and kid lead in the movie, Laura Kinney.

Wolverine Logan Funko POPs! On the Way!

Funko POP! has decided to release a new line of vinyls for the upcoming Logan movie based on X-Men’s Wolverine. Some are exclusive to stores Hot Topic and some to Target, and we’ve got all the details here for their release and where to get them.

New Logan Images Released

New photos and images for Logan, the last installment in the Wolverine franchise, has been released featuring Logan and X-23.

Logan Trailer Leaks Online (Off-Screen Video)

We have all been waiting to watch the very first Logan trailer, which is scheduled to premiere today, and given how an off-screen video of the trailer being played has leaked online, we definitely want to share it with you all, to get as excited as we are about it.

Rumor: Logan Synopsis Revealed

Alright, before you get all worked up and excited about this possible Logan synopsis, let’s just remember that this is a rumor, it is currently unconfirmed, and it comes from a source that -for this kind of thing- isn’t the most trustworthy source: IMDB; however, it is worth sharing it as we never know, right?

Actress Playing X-23 in ‘Logan’ Revealed

Casting news are going all around for Logan with the announcement that the film has found the young actress that will play X-23, the female clone of Wolverine. 

Boyd Holbrook Revealed as ‘Logan’ Villain

Now that the official title and poster for Logan has been released, the villain for the film has been announced. Well, at least one of them has.

Professor X Promotional Photo for Logan, Final Wolverine Movie

The iconic role of Professor X has been confirmed to be portrayed by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart in the finale of the Wolverine movies, Logan. In a new promotional photo, we see how they have imagined Charles Xavier in this anticipated movie.

Hugh Jackman Reveals Final Wolverine Film Title and Poster

For months now, fans have been wondering what the title for the final Wolverine film could be. In the absence of a name, the project has simply been named Wolverine 3 until otherwise. Now, Hugh Jackman has revealed not only the film’s name, but also the official poster.

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