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Titan Book’s has gone beyond their art books and novels to bring something completely different in this Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier compilation, which accompanies The CW Television Network series, Arrow. Featuring information such as investigations, equipment, and allies – this book is fantastic for any fan of the DC Comic’s series, Arrow or Green Arrow.

Arrow is based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow, which is a crime-fighting persona from Starlight City. Oliver Queen is the mastermind behind Arrow, and he is known for being a billionaire playboy who was shipwrecked on the island of Lian Yu for five years. Upon returning to Starlight City, he took on the role of Arrow, the hooded vigilante.

Featured within Titan Books’ new publication, Arrow: Oliver Queens Dossier by Nick Aires, we can take more insight into the show’s inner workings, through the form of records. Within the dossier (or file), there are confidential government and business documents, newspaper clippings, personal notes from Oliver, along with some of his weapon schematics and information pertaining to his allies and family members.


Some great names that come across this Investigations portion include Adam Hunt, Chien Na Wei, Helena Bertinelli, Jake Simmons, Sebastian Blood, and Solomon Grundy. Featured throughout newspaper clippings, official government documents, and Oliver’s personal notes, we see just how thorough these investigations occur for the world of Arrow.


The Equipment section for this book includes detailed schematic information on Oliver Queen’s bows. In addition, information pertaining to his hooded crime-fighting outfit are also listed out. A final image section we decided to include in this review is about motorcycles and vehicles, which play an important role in any crime-fighting individual.


Within Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier, we found a wonderful connection in the DC world, featuring The Flash and Canary, along with some personal notes that Oliver has made about each character in question.

We found this gorgeous dossier to be a wonderful companion for any fan who just wants to see more Arrow memorabilia from the famous CW Network show. As a website that covers every episode of Arrow faithfully, having the opportunity to review this book has been wonderful.

Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier is available for pre-purchase through Titan Book’s official page and through Amazon. The book will officially release for the public on October 18th, 2016.


  • Adding The Flash and Canary "ally" connection was fantastic
  • Layout of newspaper and government documents is appealing
  • Flow of book is fluid


  • Length of book could have been longer
  • Further background information on Oliver was slightly lacking


TV Show Connection - 10
DC World Characters - 8
Quality of Reports - 9
Length of Book - 7
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