Empire of Time (New Pompeii 2) Review

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Titan Books has just published the sequel to Daniel Godfrey’s popular debut book with them, New Pompeii, titled Empire of Time. In this startling sequel novel, we are taken back to the world of the tech company NovusPart, and their chaotic device that pulls people from back in time forward (at least) 30 years. When we left off in New Pompeii we wondered what the future for the New Pompenian citizens posed, and how the world would react to this altered time-line.

Potential Plot Spoilers

During the setting of Empire of Time, we are brought fifteen years forward after the fall of NovusPart where the leaders McMahon and Whelan have been removed from the picture, and all the workers were crucified by the Pompeii citizens for their tricks and actions against the city. The only one that survived with ties to NovusPart was Nick Houghton, or as they know him, Decimus Horatius Pullus, “The man who can’t be killed”.

While it may seem like a gift having Nick/Pullus live, he’s become a type of ambassador for New Pompeii and the surrounding modern world, but not everything is as pleasant as it seems. He’s been faced with scrutiny over living in New Pompeii and traveling to Naples, his observation and use of human slaves in his New Pompeii villa, and how he reacts to the surrounding world around him as it’s evolving. With this new revelation hitting the world, it has brought new “old” diseases that are resistant to modern medications, and also fear that the New Pompeii citizens may use the NovusPart device to alter the timeline and remove their enemies (although they device is currently unable to work).

The story of Empire of Time travels between times of Nick/Pullus in New Pompeii, modern Naples, and also 62 A.D. in Ancient Rome chapter to chapter. Without revealing too much of the plot and twists occurring in Empire of Time, it provides an even further amount of science fiction from technology and alternate reality questions that are enthralling and interesting throughout the entire book.

As someone who read the entire book in a 48 hour period, the 460 page novel made it impossible to put down without understanding and fully knowing what is happening between the characters, their world, and the future. While not every question was answered at the end of this book, I expect Daniel Godfrey will give more insight in his next book of June 2018, The Synapse Sequence, which I suspect will take place in the world of NovusPart.

While I do highly recommend Empire of Time to any adult reader who loves history and science fiction, I would recommend you first read New Pompeii to have backstory, a story setting, and understanding why NovusPart has been hated.

Empire of Time can be purchased directly through Titan Books, along with New Pompeii. Dive into the world of NovusPart and having New Pompeii as soon as you can, to experience a rich story of plot twists and discoveries. 

You can find my previous review for New Pompeii here.


  • Connects to New Pompeii with Flashbacks
  • Represents Ancient Roman Themes
  • Plot Twists Were Excellent
  • Same Emotions/Feelings from New Pompeii


  • Not Specific With Character References


Length of Book - 9
Science Fiction Quality - 10
Representation of Ancient Rome/Pompeii - 9
Character Development - 8
Plot/Twists - 10
Connection to New Pompeii - 10
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