Doctor Strange Review

Doctor Strange brought about an entirely new prospective of supernatural into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the MCU will be all the better for it. From a great dynamic plot of an arrogant doctor, to a mystical land in India, the viewer is drawn in from the beginning and is unable to stray far from what is happening on screen.

The beginning of Doctor Strange starts out with you meeting Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) as he is in his element in the operating room. It’s easy to tell that he’s a natural surgeon, and expects everyone else to know it as well. As things progress quickly through the hospital scene as he saves someone’s life, he quickly humiliates another doctor in-front of his staff for making the wrong call that would have cost the patient his life. Another doctor at the hospital, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), went to Dr. Strange for help, who helped for the glory and not for saving the life.

doctor-strange-hospital-3Later that evening on the way to an award ceremony that Dr. Strange was to speak at, he receives a call in his car as he’s driving dangerously fast, and begins reviewing MRI images on his phone while behind the wheel. While this is taking place, an Easter Egg happens where someone asks Stephen if he’d be willing to take on a case of a military man who had an accident in a flight suit (Lieutenant James Rhodes) where Dr. Strange declines saying there’s no hope for the man and that it’d ruin his reputation. Promptly after this discussion, as he’s reviewing the MRI images, he crashes his car over a cliff and is suspended there until we are taken to a scene of him being rushed into the emergency room surrounded by familiar faces from the previous hospital scene.

Stephen awakens to find himself in the hospital with his hands having metal rods in them and Christine Palmer (his ex girlfriend) next to him, explaining what happened and how the surgery went through with minimal problems. Being the arrogant surgeon he is, he claims that he could have done better, and continues for months going through experimental surgeries to fix the nerve damage in his hands that has left him with tremors that has rendered his surgeon status useless.

While in a physical therapy class trying to gain strength in his hands, Stephen Strange learns of a man named Jonathan Pangborn who after becoming completely paralyzed turned to Eastern medicine and was able to walk after a few months abroad. After talking to this man, Strange sets out on a mission to travel to the same location in India and get the same treatment that Pangborn received, except for his hands.

When Stephen gets out in India, he meets Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) on the streets, and he knows exactly where Strange is heading to, and agrees to take him to meet The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). Upon meeting The Ancient One, Strange doesn’t believe at first that this type of mystical magic is real and that there is something beyond the mass that we are. After receiving psychological proof, he begs The Ancient One to teach him, who initially refuses, and then agrees after making him wallow.

Dr. Strange spends an unspecific amount of time training at the temple, and reading numerous amounts of books while trying to adapt to this new type of learning that is both vigorous and tiresome, only to have the main villain Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) show up and start destroying things at the base temple that he’s studying in. Stephen learns of the other temples at London, Hong Kong, and New York; and makes a trip to the London one where another fight ensues with Kaecilius.

What Dr. Strange doesn’t find out until later on is that Kaecilius has stolen a spell from The Ancient One’s special texts about bending the world to his whim, and has been doing it around the city of New York and London for example. It makes the movie look very trippy as it goes on, and continues.

As the movie progresses, the fights with Kaecilius and his men worsen, and Dr. Strange and Mordo learn a secret that The Ancient One has been drawing power from the Dark World to keep her alive, but it doesn’t work when Kaecilius gets to her and they are unable to keep her alive; and that Kaecilius has been working with the Dark World and bringing to this world by trying to take down all of the different headquarters. Dr. Strange learns that if all the headquarters fail, then the Dark World will take over and this world will be lost forever.

The Amazing Ending

I wont spoil the ending here for Doctor Strange as it is amazing and hilarious and perfectly fitting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I can say I would go see Doctor Strange again in a heart beat instantly. The jokes were spot on and the acting on Benedict Cumberbatch’s part was perfectly in-sync with what we’ve seen from other Marvel actors. It was kept light hearted even though there were serious conversations being taken place.


  • Marvel Jokes and Good Feeling
  • Character Changes Over Movie
  • Easter Eggs


  • Many Surgical Procedures
  • Time Passing is Never Clear


Length of Movie - 9
Connection to MCU - 9
Action Scenes - 8
Visual Effects - 10
Character Dynamics - 8
Plot - 8
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