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Charm With Me is a subscription service that provides subscribers with two or more unique charms monthly. They specialize in geeky and fandom related charms, and we’ve got a comprehensive review of their April monthly subscription for Pirates of the Caribbean, along with some of the past ones. All charms are of their original design.

Among some of these geeky charms we have for review are Pirates of the CaribbeanNightmare Before Christmas, Captain America: Civil War, Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Girl on Fire), Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat, Cinderella, and Star Wars: Rogue One.

The charms are all lead and nickel free, and made up of silver plated alloy.

[su_box title=”Pirates of the Caribbean (April 2017)”]

In this current Charm With Me box for April 2017, they have chosen the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. The charms include: a pirate ship, tentacle, and pirate’s skull. The pirate’s skull in particular has a red band over it’s head, and the ship is very detailed.


[su_box title=”Nightmare Before Christmas (March 2016)”]

From the March 2016 theme box of Nightmare Before Christmas, we have the ever so popular Jack Skellington charm; with his face etched into the metal.


[su_box title=”Captain America: Civil War (April 2016)”]

The April 2016 box was themed as Captain America: Civil War, and this is a double-sided charm featuring Captain America’s shield on one side, and Iron Man’s arc reactor on the other.


[su_box title=”Hunger Games (June 2016)”]

During June 2016, Charm With Me dedicated the theme box to the Hunger Games called Girl on Fire. They did a great tribute on the 12th district, a bow and arrow charm, and a bright red 36-sided glass bead charm. All complement the book and movie well.


[su_box title=”Harry Potter (July 2016)”]

The July 2016 box themed around the sorting hat from Harry Potter, with the main event being a hat inspired charm with a face etched into one side. This witch’s hat is a perfect replica of the sorting hat with it’s sour grin.


[su_box title=”Cinderella (October 2016)”]

These gorgeous Cinderella charms debut in the October 2016 box, and feature a highly detailed carriage, glittery slipper, and 36 sided light blue glass beads.


[su_box title=”Star Wars: Rogue One (December 2016)”]

The Star Wars: Rogue One box featured two distinct charms that every Star Wars fan would love. One is the Rebellion symbol and a charm shaped like the Death Star.


What Comes With Their Boxes

When you subscribe with Charm With Me, they send you an initial bracelet to house all your new charms, that are either double wrap or single wrap. Along with this is a velvety purple bag to house the charms when they’re not on display.

Thoughts on the Charm With Me Accessories

After sampling these charms for review, I can say as a fan of Pandora that Charm With Me is a refreshing take on charm bracelets. Instead of the typical charms you’d see at Pandora, these are geeky and fandom embracing that makes jewelry not necessarily made for the feminine ones out there. You can fly your colors as a Hunger Games fighter, Harry Potter wizard, Rebellion representative, and even a Disney princess in tasteful jewelry.

The May 2017 Box

Charm With Me will be debuting a new box next month surrounding the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter. No charms are yet available for preview, but we’ll keep you informed once they do.

Subscription Process

Charm With Me features the monthly subscription option where on the 15th of every month the user is charged and the shipment is made out. Since the months are geeky and fandom related, Charm With Me has an option called “Surprise Me” where the user can get charms that are not part of any fandom that month, and are instead items, food, or symbols.

The subscription price is $19.99 with an add-on of $2.93 for shipping in the U.S. and $4.00 more for International shipping.

Outside of the subscription only option, Charm With Me has a retail site on their page along with an Etsy shop.
They can also be found on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


  • Durably Strong
  • Amount in Each Box Substantial
  • Vibrant Color


  • Not Sterling Silver, Silver Plated Instead


Quality of Jewelry Charms - 9
Connections to Fandoms - 10
Selection of Fandoms - 10
Reliability of Quality - 9
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