Everything Leaving and Coming to the Starz App in December

December is here, and we’ve got everything that will be removed and added to the Starz App, including TV shows and movies. See them all here!

Resident Evil Revelations & Resident Evil 2 Brought to the Switch!

Would you enjoy a survival horror on the high seas, or to explore a terrifying prison island?  Now you can by playing Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations 2 on the Nintendo Switch. 

New Tarantino Film Under Sony’s Rights

Quintin Tarantino is back with another feature film that everyone wants to be a part of. This will be Tarantino’s 9th film and has been given the working title of #9 for the moment. 

Friday Flicks: ‘Rango’ Movie Review

Today’s Friday Flicks brings Rango, a great movie of an average lizard made to become a hero and follows his journey.  Keep reading to view the movie review.

Moira Live to Play on Overwatch Next Weekend

Blizzard announces the next free weekend for Overwatch which will include the new character Moira.  Keep reading to view the details.

Rule of the Bone: Book Review

Rule of the Bone tells the intriguing story of Chappie the pot smoking mischievous youngster, who goes through major character development to reinvent himself as The Bone. 

‘The Evil Within: The Interlude’ Titan Comics Review

The Evil Within follows Sebastian and what he has been going through.  Trapped inside his mind trying to find his missing daughter Lily.  Keep reading to view the comic review.

Thor: Ragnarok Review (with Spoilers!)

Thor: Ragnarok is a spectacular blend of action and comedy. It continues the story of Thor, but contains several other serious Marvel characters and continues on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a surprise clip after the credits that will have you dying to see what happens next.

Van Helsing 2×03 “Love Bites” Recap

Van Helsing is getting really good at bringing the viewers into the world of Vanessa and what she has been going through.  Keep reading to view the recap of “Love Bites”.

PlayStation Weekly Deals for 10/24 Through 10/31 (2017)

This week’s deal includes Sale of The Dead (week 2), Day one to Digital, plus NISA Publisher Sale. Keep reading to see what games are on sale this week.

Halloween Lineup: Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) Movie Review

Leatherface and his story is unveiled through the Texas Chainsaw 3D experience and you can get the review here.  Keep reading to view the review, photos and story.

Marvel’s The Punisher: New Trailer and Release Date Revealed

Netflix has revealed a new trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher, which confirms the series premiere date.  Keep reading to view the trailer and details.

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