Goodbye Battleborn, Final Update to Come

Gearbox has announced that they will be releasing a final update to their game Battleborn this Fall, but will be keeping the servers up for players who still want to be engaged.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Maps, Setting, and Character Updates

Star Wars Battlefront II has revealed many details on the very anticipated upcoming game.  E3 2017 brought us confirmation on many details.  

Monster Hunter: World Release Details

Good news for the hunters out there who are waiting for another great game.  During the PlayStation Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony and Capcom revealed the release date of Monster Hunter: World.  

Xbox Weekly Deals: September 19 to the 26, 2017

See all the deals that are offered this week to Xbox members.  Running from September 19 through the 26, 2017.  Including a big Battlefield, and Far Cry sale.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Live Action Trailer

Warner Bros. and Monolith Studios released a short, interactive cinematic trailer for fans promoting the release of Middle Earth: Shadow of War.  

Four Years and GTA V is still Great

How is it that after four years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the game is still used widely throughout the globe? Graphics, content, online, and more! 

Just How Did a Racist Symbol Get in Destiny 2? Bungie Explains

Fans were so excited for the release of Destiny 2, but what may have hindered that excitement was when they found a racist hate symbol on the side of gauntlets that closely resembled the “KEK” symbol. With days just passing, Bungie has told all in exactly how the symbol got in the game.

Nathan Fillion’s Received A Destiny Gun

Actor Nathan Fillion, the one behind Destiny’s Cayde 6, received a Ace of Spades hand cannon from Impact Props. As if that didn’t make everyone envious, other voice actors got props.

Watch: Minecraft Story Mode Season Two Episode Three Trailer

Minecraft story mode, season 2 returns September 19, 2017.  See the new Episode 3 trailer for the new Jailhouse Block.

Overwatch Developer Update Video – Play Nice, Play Fair

Overwatch’s vice president Jeff Kaplan has made a new developer’s update “Play Nice, Play Fair” regarding the toxicity in the Overwatch video game community was a whole. Blizzard has plans to tackle it themselves but also needs the community’s help.

Overwatch Free Weekend For All Platforms September 2017!

Still not sure if you want to buy Overwatch?  Well now you have an opportunity to try the full game for free. Blizzard announced that Overwatch will be free to play on all platforms from September 22 through September 25.

Okami HD Coming To PlayStation, Xbox and PC

The BAFTA award-winning Okami is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.  You can get Okami HD physically, or digitally for PS and Xbox, with a digital download for PC coming December 12, 2017.

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