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The New Humble RG Book Bundle Pathfinder Worldscape Is Here!

Humble Bundle has got a new book bundle, featuring RPG books including Pathfinder Worldscape brought to you by Paizo & Dynamite.

‘Resident Evil 2’ Board Game Officially Announced

Although fan are still waiting to hear news from Capcom about Resident Evil 2 remake, we now are getting something to please us during the wait.  

Cards Against Humanity Adds Mass Effect Expansion for $1

BioWare and Cards Against Humanity have collaborated together to create a new expansion pack for the game based off of Mass Effect. The amazing part is, this expansion will only cost $1.

Dark Souls: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign Funded in 3 Minutes

Steamforged Games launched a Kickstarter campaign today for Dark Souls: The Board Game. Its goal of $70,000 was met in three minutes, and as of this writing has accrued over $475,000 with 26 days still to go.

Check Out this Harry Potter Quidditch Beer Pong Set

Fill up a few tankards of butterbeer and grab your Beater’s bat because fans of Beer Pong and Harry Potter are going to nerd out over this “Quidditch Pong” set.

This War of Mine gets it’s own Board Game

Last year This War of Mine wowed players and reviewers alike with its harsh depiction of civilian life in a war-torn city and impressive ability to connect with it’s audience. In a sea of action games the idea of a strategy game built around a group of seemingly-helpless civilians was a breath of fresh air, selling thousands of copies and winning several awards over the last year. Now the curtain ...[Read More]

Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter Enters the Final Stretch

I love miniatures games. I have for years and years. I honestly don’t know when I became so fascinated with the idea of waging battle with tiny tanks and soldiers; I just remember being in college and finally getting a chance to play Warhammer 40,000 (40k) and it was the coolest thing ever. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve played a pretty wide range of Science Fiction and Fantasy war games at thi...[Read More]

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