Upcoming ‘Stardew Valley’ Update Adds New Decor!

Chucklefish and ConcernedApe certainly hasn’t forgotten about Stardew Valley, and is planning on adding in some new decor to the farm simulating game that has taken over the world. From signs to events, new content is coming!

PlayStation Weekly Deals for 12/19 to 12/26 (2017)

This week PlayStation is having its second week for their Holiday sale.  Keep reading to see which games are on sale for a discounted price.

Destiny 2 Has Bugged ‘Three of Coins’ Exotic Gear Item

Bungie addresses the issue with the newly-implemented “Three of Coins” item in Destiny and plan to patch it early next year.  Keep reading to view the details.

Monster Hunter: World Campaign Timespan Revealed

Monster Hunter: World is set to launch January 26th, 2018 and will have a 40-50 hour campaign.  Keep reading to check out the details and the duration of the previous titles.

Destiny 2 Comic ‘Fall Of Osiris’ Available Now

Just a few days ago Bungie announced a Destiny 2 comic titled Fall of Osiris would be coming and now it has been released.  Keep reading to view the details and where to read this tie-in comic.

Movement Changes Coming to Overwatch Heroes

According to game director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan the game will see changes to how all the characters move to the public test region.  Keep reading to view the details and what Kaplan had to say.

Destiny 2’s Winter ‘The Dawning’ Event Live Next Week! Details Here

Destiny 2 will be hosting their annual The Dawning winter event, and it’s set to go live next week right before the big Christmas holiday season. See here on what to expect and what you can receive!

PlayStation Weekly Deals for 12/12 Through 12/19 (2017)

This week PlayStation is starting week 1 of their Holiday sale.  Keep reading to view the games and deals they have going on this week.

Major ‘Destiny 2’ Changes After Today’s Update

Bungie acknowledged they have made mistakes with the existing system and stated they will change how it works.  Get all the details of what is to come of Destiny 2 by reading further.  

PlayStation Experience 2017’s Announcements

The PlayStation Experience 2017 has now passed and we have all the announcements and details of upcoming games and trailers.  Keep reading to view what was announced and to watch the full video of the event.  

PS2 Game ‘MediEvil’ Being Remastered for PS4

Sony just announced during the PlayStation Experience convention, that they will be resurrecting MediEvil, a classic PlayStation 2 game, and remastering it for the PlayStation 4!

‘The Last Guardian’ VR Demo Comes Out Next Week

Sony has just announced during their PlayStation Experience convention that the highly anticipated game The Last Guardian, will be getting a VR Demo next week, on December 12th. See all the details for the demo!

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