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Super Mario 64 Online Faces Nintendo Copyright Infringement

Nintendo usually lets fangames live for a long time as long as they are not charging people for it.  Not this time, Nintendo moves quickly to take down Super Mario 64 Online.  

Goodbye Battleborn, Final Update to Come

Gearbox has announced that they will be releasing a final update to their game Battleborn this Fall, but will be keeping the servers up for players who still want to be engaged.

Humble Bundle’s New Very Positive Bundle Featuring Shadow of War

Humble Bundle has released a new bundle this week featuring some highly anticipated games, including Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Oxenfree.

Nintendo Switch: Netflix to Launch

While Nintendo has been becoming an amazing gaming system it lacks the multimedia aspects.  This may be changing soon with Netflix being added to the Switch. 

Star Wars Battlefront II: Maps, Setting, and Character Updates

Star Wars Battlefront II has revealed many details on the very anticipated upcoming game.  E3 2017 brought us confirmation on many details.  

Monster Hunter: World Release Details

Good news for the hunters out there who are waiting for another great game.  During the PlayStation Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony and Capcom revealed the release date of Monster Hunter: World.  

Zone of the Enders 2 Remastered & VR Support Announcement

PlayStation VR is taking off and new games are continuing to come out.  During Sony’s Tokyo Games Show press conference, they announces Zone of the Enders 2 remake for PlayStation 4 and PSVR.  

Cat Game Neko Atsume Coming to PSVR in 2018

One of the cutest mobile games get a VR experience for PlayStation in 2018.  A logo for the upcoming addition has also been released for the cutest cat collecting game.

New VR games on PlayStation

PlayStation has a VR headset available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Pro.  Here are the new VR games that you can play!

PlayStation Plus Weekly Deals: September 19 to the 26, 2017

PlayStation plus weekly sales brings us Assassin’s Creed publisher sale, plus Batman Day and more.  Find out what favorite games of yours are on sale!

Xbox Weekly Deals: September 19 to the 26, 2017

See all the deals that are offered this week to Xbox members.  Running from September 19 through the 26, 2017.  Including a big Battlefield, and Far Cry sale.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Live Action Trailer

Warner Bros. and Monolith Studios released a short, interactive cinematic trailer for fans promoting the release of Middle Earth: Shadow of War.  

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