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Super Mario Run Now Available on Android

Nintendo has officially released their first Mario mobile phone game, Super Mario Run, on Android. This came at an earlier date than expected, and was released yesterday rather than today.

Fallout 4 in VR Will Be at E3 2017

In a recent interview, Bethesda‘s vice president mentioned that Fallout 4 in VR will be brought to E3 this year and hinted that it will blow fans away.

Horizon Zero Dawn 1.10 Update; Bugs and Fixes

Horizon Zero Dawn has just received a new update that is being used to fix certain bugs in the game that prevent the player from progressing, along with some adjustments.

Horizon Zero Dawn is Planning a Story Expansion

Guerrilla Games new debut of Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the biggest in history for Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Guerrilla isn’t done yet with the story of Horizon Zero Dawn. There’s an expansion in the making that will be satisfying for gamers everywhere.

Job Listing Hints at Pokémon Game for Switch

A recent job listing seems to hint that a Pokémon RPG could be in development for the newly-released Nintendo Switch.

CEO of Telltale Games Steps Down

The CEO of Telltale Games has stepped down, citing the need for somebody to take the studio to the “next level” to take his position.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s ‘Andromeda Points’ Priced

A UK retailer has started taking pre-orders for the Andromeda Points needed for micro-transactions in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and they seem to get pricey.

Nintendo Reveals “Making of Breath of the Wild” Mini-Documentary

Nintendo has just added three new mini-documentaries following the making of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Among the three videos, Nintendo covers Story and Characters, The Beginning, and Open-Air Concept.

PlayStation Now to Add PS4 Games

Of the hundreds of games featured on Sony’s PlayStation Now service, none are PS4 titles. But that will change later this year, says the company.

Planet Coaster Has a Free Spring Update

Frontier Developments has just announced that Planet Coaster is added a new and free Spring update featuring new rollercoasters, rides for guests, and of course Go Karts.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Trailer and Game Details

Nintendo has just released the first trailer for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which will premiere exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. See the gameplay and details on what’s new to the game and what to expect.

Watch Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer

BioWare and EA have released the official launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is set to premiere this month on March 21st 2017. This new game takes place in the Andromeda galaxy.

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