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Free For the iPhone #7

Been a while since we’ve discussed free iPhone games. I’ve collected plenty over the months, but the two we’ll talk about today are my most recent short-lived addictions.

Online Store Review: Maskforsale on Etsy

Maskforsale is a vendor on Etsy, and the craftsmanship needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

NBA 2K17 Review: A Game for Dreamers

MyCareer Mode Everything from the scrupulous presentation to the practice drills of MyCareer mode displays attention and the care that only comes from people that get whisked away in dreams of playing in the NBA – and that makes it doubly easy that you do the same.

Online Store Review: Gamer Heaven (New Administration: AIrwave Apparel Ltd)

If you’ve been around enough to have read my first review for Gamer Heaven which was published back in 2014, you already know that I simply stated facts about how awful their customer service was, and how I thought that company was a mere scam. Well, some months ago, AIrwave Apparel Ltd bought Gamer Heaven from former owners Crazy4ltd, and I got contacted by the new administrators asking me ...[Read More]

Online Store Review: Gear Bubba

You know that feeling when you are just scrolling down your Facebook feed and one of those store ads catch your attention? I know, it is hard for one of those ads to actually have that effect, but from time to time you do find something rather unique around that sea of randomness that is social media. That’s basically how I found about Gear Bubba, and I decided to give it a shot.

Loot Crate December 2015 Unboxing

Christmas has come one day early! December’s Loot Crate arrived at my doorstep today, and the contents are pretty out of this world…literally. December’s theme is “Galaxy,” and it features loot from “Star Wars,” Halo, and more. Let’s begin the unboxing!

High Heavens Unboxing and Review

Kickstarter and I have always had a funny relationship. I appreciate what it can do for the little guys and I’ve seen it do some great things, but I’ve also seen it go horribly wrong. Projects that lie to their backers, projects that come oh so close to funding and fail, and sadly many projects that are met with so much initial success that their creators overstretch, offering too many rewards to ...[Read More]

Bungie’s Back, Baby – Destiny: The Taken King Review

It took an entire year, but Destiny is finally where it should be, and Bungie looks rejuvenated once again thanks to the game’s latest and greatest expansion, The Taken King.

Online Store Review: J!NX

Today, we’re returning to our Online Store Review series, and we’ll be taking a look at J!NX, a storefront that offers clothing, toys, and other memorabilia for popular series such as Portal, Borderlands, Halo, and more.

Watch the Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Reveal Trailer

Activision has finally released the reveal trailer for the upcoming new entry in the ultra-successful Call of Duty franchise, titled Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Evolve Beta- My Thoughts

Evolve is a game I have had my eye on for quite a while now as there has been a serious deficiency in asymmetrical multiplayer games. Let’s look at the good and the bad so far.

Nuclear Throne- A wild wild Wasteland

Magneto was right, mutants are in fact the dominant form of life on the planet, at least in this top-down shooter by Vlambeer.

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