Braun Strowman to Participate in a Dumpster Match Tonight

During last week’s Monday Night RAW, we got to see the destruction Braun Strowman was causing backstage, with him attacking pretty much everyone who crossed his path. This week, we are sure it will be no different.

Update on the Broken Hardy Brand, Possible Push for Jeff Hardy

Ever since Wrestlemania 33’s mighty return of The Hardy Boyz to the WWE, fans have been wondering if we will ever get to see the BROKEN Hardy gimmick being used, and the WWE is certainly working on that.

NXT Takeover Chicago’s Confirmed Title Matches

If you are like me, you definitely can’t miss any of NXT Takeover events, and the upcoming one, NXT Takeover Chicago is shaping up to be another great event as you’ll see in the match cards that involve every title being on the line.

Bad News for The Revival

The WWE has announced that one half of the recently promoted and two-times NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival, suffered an injury during a live event this weekend, leaving him out of action for a few weeks.

Might a SHIELD Reunion be on the Works?

Remember the time back in 2012 when we first saw Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose together as The SHIELD? Well, if you don’t I don’t know where you have been since they were an unbeatable force for about 2 years, annihilating everyone in their path. Well, anyways, we may see the trio together again since teasing has started coming from the team members.

Roman Reigns Injury News, Braun Strowman Responds

This week, during Monday Night RAW we got to see one of the most savage attacks between two WWE superstars in recent memory when, during a live interview, Braun Strowman inadvertently attacked The Big Dog, Roman Reigns.

NXT Spoilers for April 2017

The Superstar Shake Up mini-event from this week between SmackDown Live and RAW has changed the whole landscape of both brands for the foreseeable future. To this, you have to add that, right after Wrestlemania 33, many NXT superstars were promoted to either SmackDown or RAW as it is the case for The Revival (promoted to RAW), Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura (promoted to SmackDown), so what ca...[Read More]

SmackDown Live! Gets New Faces from the Superstar Shake-Up

Last night we got to see -and get surprised by- quite a few SmackDown Live! superstars going into the ring as RAW’s new acquisitions. Tonight was the time for us all to know who did Shane McMahon get in exchange, and you can check them all out below.

New WWE Funko Pops!

Funko is releasing an entirely new wave of POP figures for WWE. They have the ‘pint sized hero’ line along with the traditional sized figures.

RAW Gets Many New Faces from Superstar Shake-Up Event

Last week during Monday Night RAW, the first one after Wrestlemania, Vince McMahon came to the ring surprising absolutely everyone in the crowd and watching the show at home or from their mobile devices through the WWE Network, announcing that this week there was going to be a “Superstar Shake-Up” that would change the landscape for both Monday Night RAW and Tuesday Night SmackDown Liv...[Read More]

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