Gamers Sphere Editors E3 2014 Wish List

E3 comes around every year, and every year gamers wait anxiously in anticipation for the consoles and titles that have been swarming with rumors all over the internet. Here at Gamers Sphere, we’re no different from any other gamer in that aspect. We hold high hopes for E3 every year, and each of us secretly has one or two things that they’re looking forward to seeing the most at E3.

The History of E3

Every year gamers look forward to the Electronic Entertainment Expo known as E3. Many great reveals take place during these three days that the convention is held; a lot of news and information flood the gaming community. E3 is like the Academy Awards for gaming.

GameWatch for 5/11/2014 – a List of the Gamers Sphere Editors’ Most Highly Anticipated Games

Some of the editors of Gamers Sphere (GS) held a (virtual) summit today and racked and stacked a list of our currently most hotly anticipated games. For some editors, this was the game that was next on their purchase list horizon. For others, it was the one game to rule them all that is coming out sometime this year. That one game that, despite playing other things in-between now and its release, ...[Read More]

Killer Instinct – A Retrospective on an Amazingly Poor Business Model [Video]

I did not buy an XBox One until the first week of this past March. Roughly four months after the launch of the console. Many of the discussions I’ve been in recently have involved commentary on this notion of actively participating in a console’s history as it happens or unfolds. Most of my life, I have been unconcerned about gaming in the now, in most instances. I typically engage in ...[Read More]

No One Lives Forever Being Resurrected?

A fledgling video game studio recently filed trademarks for No One Lives Forever, The Operative, Contract J.A.C.K., and A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way. For those who are familiar with the matter, most of these are alternate names that referenced Monolith’s two installments of the Cate Archer franchise. Fondly referred to as NoLF, No One Lives Forever followed the adventures of a cat burglar t...[Read More]

When Games Touch Us – Gran Turismo Honors Racing Great Ayrton Senna

I struggled for longer than usual trying to write this article, because I felt the topic warranted something more than just reporting that there was content coming for Gran Turismo. I feel like this should be about more than that. I think that everyone for whom gaming has been an integral part of their lives has been touched by gaming in a way that related to an emotional event in their lives outs...[Read More]

Destiny: Reports from the Hands-On Sessions

September 9th is a big day. If you are like me, you are starved for content regardless of which next-gen console you chose. It feels like a console generation war death march, these days since launch and continuing until E3. But the machine is starting to roll, with the first crackle of E3 thunder heard from the Sony camp. Bungie invited several news outlets (unfortunately, not us; Hey, Bungie, ca...[Read More]

WayBack Wednesday – Gamers Sphere RetroCast, Episode #1: Uncharted

Yeah, yeah…I know. Every gaming site has a RetroCast. We are working on a new title; it’s just that my marketing and branding muscles are already sore today. If you have suggestions, please offer ‘em up!!! This past week, three of the Gamers Sphere Editors agreed to embark on a joint playthrough/review of the original Uncharted for the PlayStation 3. Check out the video podcast and our individual ...[Read More]

Spring Fever Spotlight: Battle Academy – Releasing This Week on Steam

Next up on my list of possibles for my 1-week Spring Break window is developer Slitherine’s Battle Academy. Unlike Eterium, Battle Academy is a bit more proven, having already been released for iOS, as well as what appears to be some retail releases for x86 platforms as well. This is a turn-based strategy game, and so while it looks like the genealogy is reminiscent of Company of Heroes, it ...[Read More]

Dragon Fin Soup – Grimm Brothers Updates Status of Playstation Version [Video]

The PlayStation 4 needs games. Badly. Heck, the PlayStation Vita needs games, too, for that matter.  Grimm Brothers to the rescue. A small indie team of five developers, Grimm Brothers is working on porting their still-to-be-released PC game to all PlayStation platforms. While it will actually be the developers at BlitWorks who will be handling the port, the original content for Dragon Fin Soup (D...[Read More]

Beauty Of The Caribbean: Assassin’s Creed IV Screenshots

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is one of the most beautiful video games I’ve ever seen and played. The colors and locales are so gorgeous, I almost can’t believe I’m looking at a television screen sometimes. Here are some screenshots I took in the PS4 version of Black Flag. Some pictures didn’t transition here as well as the original file on my PS4; some look better, som...[Read More]

Inside the Gamers Sphere #1 – Developer Interview with Gene Mocsy, Creator of 1954 Alcatraz

As you probably well know from our First Impressions article, we are playing through 1954 Alcatraz, a recently released adventure game from developer Irresponsible Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment, distributors of the Deponia and Divinity series, as well as recent installments of Sam and Max and Tales of Monkey Island. Gene Mocsy, the man behind Irresponsible Games, was kind enough to...[Read More]

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