Stop the Cheap Jump Scares, Give Me More Atmosphere – The Elements of A Good Horror Game

Horror games and movies are great at satisfying our twisted curiosity of gore and a quick adrenaline fix from jump scares. As someone who doesn’t care for gore romps like Saw, or Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, or the cheap jump scares of Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring, I usually stay away from horror movies.

Infographic – How Piracy Could Destroy the Gaming Industry

Piracy isn’t like what it was way back in the Golden Age. The technological pirates of today aren’t hung by the neck until dead, nor will their acts be romanticized in the centuries to come. At least I hope not. Petty thieves don’t deserve death (nor does any criminal, but that’s another argument entirely), and I’m certain there won’t be movies or video games made about teenagers and young adults ...[Read More]

Team Achieves Flawless Victory in Trials of Osiris With Worst Gun Ever

With the recent addition of the House of Wolves expansion for Destiny, players got a wealth of new content. Instead of a standard raid, we got the Prison of Elders. There was a good amount of story content added, as well as some fixes that help with inventory management. One of Wolves’ biggest and toughest challenges comes from the Trials of Osiris. One team of expert players was not content...[Read More]

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story’s Epilogue

In the last episode of this Dragon Age Inquisition series, we defeated Corypheus and saved the world! But what happens after we stop the end of the world? Morrigan steps in to narrate the epilogue to our heroic tale.

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 6

This is it. The epic finale is upon us at last! We finally face Corypheus to see who is truly more powerful, and so our Dragon Age Inquisition quest will come to an explosive close. Read on to see how this all wraps up!

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 5

In episode 4 of this Dragon Age Inquisition tale, we fought our way out of the Fade, and a good friend sacrificed his life to save ours. Now, we must stay on the offensive to continue to push Corypheus back and keep him weak.

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 4

So, do you remember how in episode 3 of my Dragon Age Inquisition series, I said that we killed Livius Erimond? well, as luck would have it, I was wrong! He never actually died. In fact, he’s back in action with some nasty blood magic, and he plans to continue binding demons to Gray Wardens to help Corypheus’ cause. Great; this will be fun. What happens next? Read on!

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 3

When we last left off in our Dragon Age Inquisition quest, we had found that Corypheus was attempting to control the Gray Wardens by causing them to believe their deaths were imminent. While they were weak from the thought, he planned to recruit them for his own nefarious purposes. So, how do we stop him? Like this, of course:

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 2

By the time we wrapped up Part 1 to my Dragon Age Inquisition Journey, I had liberated the mages from the Venatori, but to do so, I had to endure time travel, find my way back, and take out one of the Venatori leaders. Now, with a view of the bleak future fresh in my mind, I face the world so that doesn’t become a reality.

Dragon Age Inquisition: My Story – Part 1

Nearly 20 hours into my Dragon Age Inquisition journey, my elven archer is a level 10, she’s closed the breach that threatened the world, made friends with mages, lost the Templars, and fought off a crazed villian who wants to become a god. Oh, and this is just the beginning…We’ll cover the first few hours of my journey so far in this article; let’s go!

Dark Souls 2 – Journal of the Brave Undead #6

This is the sixth installment of a series that acts as commentary of my play-through of Dark Souls 2, and is told in the Brave Undead’s point of view in the form of journal entries. You can read the previous installment here, or start at the beginning if this is your first look. This series may contain spoilers.

Looking at The Last Of Us through the eyes of a war photographer

Zombie apocalypse games often carry an element of society torn asunder, and the environment reflects that.  Sometimes you’ll see a plume of smoke billowing from a recently burnt-out building or streets overgrown with vegetation.  Everywhere people are dead or dying and human suffering is the currency of everyday life, but these are all real elements used to create a fictional world.  So what...[Read More]

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