Phantasy Star Online: A 17-Year-Old MMO Kept Alive by the Nicest Gamers

Never have there been more passionate gamers than the fans of Phantasy Star Online. Despite being officially killed-off three times, this game can’t seem to die. After 17 years it’s still being played with a fan base so passionate that refuses to let it go.

Competitive Overwatch Needs to be Fixed

I love Overwatch. I gave it a 9.5/10 when I reviewed it last year, and it turned out to be one of my favorite games of the year. I particularly love how competitive the game is, despite (or maybe thanks to) the fact that there are no weapons or perks to unlock based on level. Players compete based on skill, not on what they’ve unlocked. But the game’s competitive mode needs some tweaking, because ...[Read More]

Online Slot Sites – Tips Before Making a Deposit

Occupation with an online slot is one way to get both social and financial benefits at one go. This is because of the numerous platforms from each site, the earnings you may win are from the comfort of your couch.

3 Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Virtual Casino

With the rapid rise of online casinos, many players (especially beginners) start wondering: how to choose the most reliable one as the choice is really huge? Actually, there are lots of gaming companies to choose from. Nevertheless, you should also be aware of the fact that even though the majority of online casinos look very similar, they are very different in terms of benefits, options, features...[Read More]

Wrestlemania 33 Full Match Card & Thoughts

Alright, I know we’ve never covered WWE (or wrestling in general) here at Gamers Sphere, but let’s be honest here, if you like wrestling and you are looking for some entertainment, the first thought that comes to mind is definitely WWE, and guess what, this Sunday comes the biggest night in World Wrestling Entertainment aka Wrestlemania so let’s at least take a look at what’...[Read More]

3 Stunning Game Boy Color Games that Are Hot In 2017!

As gamers, we are spoiled today. No, really, we’ve played through some of the best stories with Gerald, Lara, Sheppard and Master Chief. We’ve seen cool graphics in Crisis and Dying Light. We have our own cult classics today and few games that are released today are good enough to top this plank. And yet new games still manage to top it!

Superhero Movies from the 1990s That You Should Revisit

We are pretty lucky; lately each year has produced several action-packed, thrilling superhero movies. Now, both Marvel and DC have made it their mission to tie their movies into cohesive universes. This was not always the case.

Anticipating the Final Season of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones creators say there are only a handful of episodes to stretch across the final two seasons––Seasons 7 and 8––of the mammoth HBO hit.

Is VR Gaming Ready to take over the World?

The world of gaming is one of non-stop technological evolution, and the latest next-gen consoles are certainly a testament to this fact. Pushing the boundaries of their impressive processing capabilities, they are able to producing jaw-dropping, life-like graphics and immerse us in amazingly detailed open-worlds. The world building and storytelling heights that developers have managed to hit in th...[Read More]

I Don’t Understand the Nintendo Switch Hype

My personal opinion seems to be the vastly unpopular one, but I don’t understand why people are so excited for the Nintendo Switch.

Marvel vs DC: Two Comic Book-Based Online Slots You’re Sure to Love

Over the past decade, both comic books and casino slots have become incredibly popular. The amount of overlap between these two comes as no surprise either: the industries have decided to come together to create some of the most entertaining, superhero-based slots of all time. Today, we thought we’d take a look at two of the best comic book slots the internet has to offer, and where you can play t...[Read More]

The Phenomenon of Rick and Morty

In the golden age of television, we, as viewers, are overwhelmed by the amount of content out there. A new show to watch is not hard to find. However, finding a great show that will carry you on throughout the seasons is much harder. We’d consider shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones as the media masterpieces of our time, but there is another that has made its mark on the cable TV spectrum.

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