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Assassination Classroom: Season 1 Review

This anime is a hard one to describe honestly while holding the shows integrity.  In a nutshell, it’s the story of the underdogs of a school rising above all odds to be given the chance to win 10 billion yen and save the world.

New Tarantino Film Under Sony’s Rights

Quintin Tarantino is back with another feature film that everyone wants to be a part of. This will be Tarantino’s 9th film and has been given the working title of #9 for the moment. 

Fighting American Issue # 2 Titan Comics Review

In this issue of Fighting American we gain more info on Fighting American’s situation and how he will possibly return to his time. Things are progressing slowly here but the story will unfold as more questions have been raised.

Inhumans 1×08 “…And Finally: Black Bolt” Recap (Season Finale)

This final episode of Inhumans concludes just as it should giving answers and rising minor questions leaving us, the viewers, with a satisfying feel to the end of the Marvel TV Show.

The Gifted 1×07 “eXtreme Measures” Recap

Episode seven of The Gifted “eXtreme measures” shows the length Marcos will go for his people. The theme of this weeks episode is how the past can sneak up to haunt you as we see this occur to Marcos, Clarice, Wess, and Reed. 

Seven Deadly Sins: Season 1 Summary

Take characters with amazing strengths and strong personalities, place them in a medieval world of knights and magic filled with mystical races. Pin the world against these powerful characters and watch the excitement develop as they attempt to redeem themselves and save the kingdom. This is the story of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Rule of the Bone: Book Review

Rule of the Bone tells the intriguing story of Chappie the pot smoking mischievous youngster, who goes through major character development to reinvent himself as The Bone. 

Inhumans 1×07 “Havoc in the Hidden Land” Recap

“Havoc in the Hidden Land” is everything we want to see, as characters return, and the fight is finally taken to Attilan. Find out if Maximus is clever enough to hold back his brother and his supernatural crew in this week’s synopsis of Inhumans.

The Gifted 1×06 “got your siX” Recap

Another Episode of The Gifted and another mission in the never-ending battle of the Underground’s survival. Ideals of what is normal are questioned and relationships take all sorts of shifts and turns in this weeks The Gifted. 

Thor: Ragnarok Review (with Spoilers!)

Thor: Ragnarok is a spectacular blend of action and comedy. It continues the story of Thor, but contains several other serious Marvel characters and continues on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a surprise clip after the credits that will have you dying to see what happens next.

Live-Action Lion King Cast Announced

The cast for the 2019 Lion King live-action remake has now been made public after Beyoncé’s post on Facebook and this tweet made by Disney. The magical Disney animation really is being reborn with a full blockbuster cast.

Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Series Returns with Season Finale Trailer

If you cannot wait for the next cinematic volume of Guardians of the Galaxy, perhaps you can wait until November 7th when the latest episode of Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Game series arrives in stores for console and PC. 

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