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Life Is Strange is Coming to Life in New Digital Series

For all you Life Is Strange fans out there, great news! Legendary Digital Studios is teaming up with Square Enix and dj2 to bring the episodic game to life in a new digital series.



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

The ultimate showdown between the Dark Knight of Gotham and the Man of Steel is every comic lovers dream. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice delivers on bringing the DC Universe’s two iconic characters to life in this action-packed thrill ride. Despite the many positives, comic aficionados may have some issues and that’s okay. Creative license is what keep things interesting.

Rogue One Teases Our Curiosity

Star Wars fans are preparing for Disney’s December 16th motion picture release: Rogue One. A rebellion built on hope.

Independence Day Issue 1 Leaves You Wanting More

Titan Comics takes us to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in their first issue of Independence Day.

Amazon Delivers the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-order bonus announcement time! That’s right, gamers. Amazon has announced their Mirror’s Edge Catalyst bonus. Unlike most retailers, they are giving both the Combat Runner and Speed Runner Kits! This is wonderful news for those of us who cannot decide which one they want.

Penny Dreadful – Tears Fall For Those Who Walk Alone

Penny Dreadful gave us one hell of a season finale. It started with a battle and ended with lots of tears, including my own. Episode 10 “And They Were Enemies” directed by Brian Kirk and written by John Logan, gave us so much to process. The cast’s performances were… amazing of course. We were left with questions in need of answers but that will have to wait until Season 3....[Read More]

Showtime Announces Penny Dreadful Will Return in Season 3

After a shocking Episode 9, Penny Dreadful Season 2 comes to an end with the finale “And They Were Enemies” airing on Showtime tomorrow evening, Sunday, July 5th. Fans of this dynamic Victorian hit, written by John Logan, can certainly still cheer as Showtime announced that Penny Dreadful will be renewed for Season 3!

Penny Dreadful Episode 9 – The Sacrifices We Make

Penny Dreadful certainly knows how to get our attention with the most intense and paramount opening scenes to date. John Logan has outdone himself again with Episode 9 “And Hell Itself My Only Foe.” From start to finish, we were mesmerized with the unparallelled performances done by the cast and writing. I was left in tears and gasping for air.

Penny Dreadful Ep. 8 – This Isn’t Your Streisand’s ‘Memories’

Penny Dreadful is known for the everlasting mind games inflicted on its unsuspecting characters and Episode 8 makes certain that Sir Malcolm share in the “fun.” In Sunday’s episode of ‘Memento Mori,’ we see how memories play a key factor for our characters. Some make us – defining who we are, who we become and some break us, tearing at our core. We see some majo...[Read More]

Penny Dreadful – Welcome to the Night Vanessa

Penny Dreadful Episode 7 has given birth to darker sides of their characters as they’ve crossed the threshold into the night. Is there any going back? Can there be redemption? Renowned Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung once said, “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” A perfect quote for the 19th Century Victorian era, don̵...[Read More]

Penny Dreadful – Can We Say Things Are Getting Awkward in Episode 6?

Everyone loves a good bit of drama in their favorite shows. Who doesn’t? Penny Dreadful delivers quite a bit of that in Episode 6. So much is going on amongst the cast, one certainly doesn’t know what’s going to happen to next. All we can hope for and count on is that it’ll be completely amazing with John Logan writing every episode.

Penny Dreadful Episode 5 Delivers with the Hot and Spicy

What can I say about Episode 5’s Penny Dreadful? It was hot and spicy on all accounts. There was sex, sex, and lots more sex. I needed a cold shower shortly after watching! One would assume Absinthe and ecstasy was being consumed in large quantities. John Logan wrote one hell of an episode; while Damon Thomas delivered yet again in directing such a phenomenal cast. “Above the Vaulted S...[Read More]

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