I have been gaming since the haydays of Atari 2600. I am an avid lover of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and many things Marvel. I went to college for graphic arts. I am a 14 year former employee of Electronics Boutique which became EB Games which then became Gamestop. My favorite game genre is FPSs with a special love for the Borderlands series, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, and the Elder Scrolls series.

Telltale Brings Us the Batman Like Never Before

Video games based on comics have a fairly sorted history. Most efforts come up short of our expectations. In recent years however, there have been some that have soared above our hopes and dreams. Anyone familiar with the Batman: Arkham series can testify to that. Now, the Caped Crusaders’ exploits reside with Telltale Games stead-fast and award winning storytelling. Do you think you can han...[Read More]

Making New Discoveries with Star Trek

It has been a long time since a new Star Trek show has graced the small screen. Ever since the announcement came from CBS, Trek fans have been chomping at the bit for new information on the new show. We have some fresh news straight from San Diego, my fellow Trekkers. We now have the official title of the upcoming new series. Get ready for Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek Coloring Books From Dark Horse

It appears that coloring books are making their way back into the main stream. This time they are not all for children either. Adults enjoy the Swear Words Adult Coloring Book to find a more creative way to vent some anger. The newest edition for us pop culture fans will be some books from Dark Horse based on Star Trek.

The Ultimate Fallout 4 House

Greetings form the Wasteland Vault Dweller. Do you have trouble deciding where you want to put that special chair in your new house? Maybe you want to bring out the mad scientist in you and fill your house with tesla coils. Why not have it all? Look no further because this is the most badass, and ultimate Fallout 4 settlement home seen to date.

Bring Out Your Dead With an Ash vs Evil Dead Movie Marathon

If you are an avid fan of the original Evil Dead franchise and you cannot wait for the premier of the STARZ original series Ash vs Evil Dead, then baby have we got a deal for you.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – First Impressions From NYCC 2015

The next installment of the acclaimed Deus Ex series is fast approaching. Just not fast enough. We were lucky enough to get a first look at the game in action; and rest assured, you will not be disappointed. So join us as we give our first impressions of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Top Cosplay From NYCC 2015: Part the Third

Welcome folks! Here we have our final batch of cosplay photos from NYCC 2015! Let’s have a gander shall we?

Top Cosplay From NYCC 2015 Part Deux

Hey there true believers! We are back with another bunch of photos from New York Comic Con 2015! Are you ready for another great bunch of cosplay?

NYCC2015: Exclusive Look at Star Trek Timelines

This question is for all our Trek fans out there. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your bridge crew made up of ANY of your favorite Trek characters from ANY timeline? Well my friends, Disruptor Beam has given us the opportunity to find out in their upcoming game Star Trek Timelines.

Just Cause 3: First Impressions From NYCC 2015

If you are a fan of open world, sandbox, blowing s#!t up mayhem and fun, then Just Cause 3 will feed your need! Join us as we give our first impressions of the game straight from New York Comic Con 2015.

Top Cosplay From NYCC 2015 Part 1

You cannot go to a Comic Con event and not see or be impressed by the quality of cosplay and cosplayers that attend. We have photographs from the show of some of the best and most interesting cosplay that we could catch during our tour at the event.

Inside Look and Exclusives From New York Comic Con 2015: What to Look Forward To

Yes friends, I have returned from the Big Apple alive and exhausted. Fear not! I come bearing gifts in the form of exclusive first looks and information from one of the biggest comic and pop culture events of the year. This is just a brief glimpse of what you can look forward to reading about in the coming days. Join us with a look at New York Comic Con 2015!

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