Game of Thrones: Episode 2 – The Lost Lords

These games amaze me with how much like the show they manage to be. Sure, they are licensed by HBO, but even through the elements that feel a tad cheesy, all the characters in The Lost Lords feel like characters that would be in the Game of Thrones television series. With fewer cameos in this episode, you really get a feeling for the world the game characters themselves live in.

Pix the Cat: Retro Gaming Salad!

Graphics in Pix the Cat are exceedingly clever and very clean. Gameplay is fluid, frustrating and fun. Music is often catchier than the common cold and you'll be able to play this over and over again. With a mountain of content to unlock from modes to announcer voices, Pix the Cat will keep you yelling at your screen for days to come.

Grand Theft Auto V: New Country for Old Men

All things considered, Grand Theft Auto V is a fun game that has a storyline that is more involved than you might expect with some great villains and characters. As a GTA game, it is a little on the slim side and almost feels driven toward its online gameplay.

Down Under Retro Gaming: PRESS PLAY at the Spectrum!

Ever go somewhere and you don’t know where the events you’re interested are happening? Live in Australia and spend all your time indoors playing retro games? Did you just fall out of the sky and land in Australia? That’s ok, we’ve got you covered! SHABBA events is hosting Press Play at the Spectrum! Details inside!

So Many Me: Deceptively Adorable, Rage-Inducing Fun!

So Many Me has a clever little mechanic that lies at the devious heart of its challenge: the clones. See, these little clones can do things like transform into blocks, transmute into bouncy trampolines and so much more. You use these many versions of yourself to get everything done from diverting gunfire to flipping switches to boss fights and more.

SteamWorld Dig: Rusty, Dusty Steampunk Fun!

SteamWorld Dig has an interesting choice of graphical style - something that reminds me of a vector-graphic version of Samurai Jack. Well performed, this gives the look of the game a polished, cartoon look that is really a lot of fun. Coupled with the music, which ranges from wild-west ballad to techno-luminous jive, the game has a truly unique feel that makes you all too excited to come back.

Halfway: Tactical Survival Horror in Space!

An unexpected new sci-fi story, Halfway takes place in a universe set in a distant future when mankind is just starting to colonize space. Of course, we run into some serious fucking issues with that, as you might expect, and the game is the story of those issues. Taking place on a massive colonial spaceship, you control six characters: Morten, Linda, Samuel, Schaeffer, Josh and Thirteen.

Getting Past Moral Outrage (or How I Gave Up and Learned to Love GTA V)

It’s everywhere. On the lips of video game critics, in magazines and on the television: video game violence being blamed as the source of real-world violence. That video games will be the ruin of western culture, that the misogyny in video games is somehow making white men think they can abuse and rape women at their leisure and that life is generally a big game. I think that any self-respec...[Read More]

Indonesian Performers in Force Awakens Leaked by Twitch

Dang it, Twitch! This is why we can’t have nice things! If you are up to date on all things force-powered, you might be keenly aware that Disney has finally announced a new film in the Star Wars series: Episode 7: Force Awakens. While the trailers have already streaked across the internet, fans have been wondering who will appear in the new films. While it is pretty common knowledge that Har...[Read More]

Potatoman Seeks the Troof: All Sound, No Troof

It builds up with frustration and annoyance and rewards your play time with a potato.

Influent Inflation: More Languages for Learning Tool

Wish that there was a way that you could learn a new language in a fun and exciting way? Influent already has you covered. Since its roaring success, its linguistics platform has been teaching players hundreds of vocabulary for languages they previously struggled with. From Korean, Mandarin and Japanese to English, Spanish and German, Influent is a global language-learning tool that helps breach t...[Read More]

Double Plays: JBPG, Chick Chick Chicky

Double Plays is here to give you two quick reviews so that you don't have to play every game in the mobile store just to find one you like! This week we're looking at Jewel Breaker Puzzle Game and Chick Chick Chicky!

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