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Undead Labs: State of Decay – 08-22-2012

Microsoft Studios’ Undead Labs has revealed their upcoming title State of Decay, a game for every lover and devoted follower of post-apocalyptic zombie plots. The game is promising to be a huge evolve on every zombie game we have ever seen. The whole world of State of Decay will be opened for players to explore and act the way they want to; yet, everything will bring consequences. With this ...[Read More]

League of Legends’ upcoming champion – 08-22-2012

League of Legends has announced some information regarding the upcoming champion for their game, Rengar the Pridestalker. This champion is a hunter, so he will rely on some…let’s call them “tricky” tactics to get the win against his opponents. Rengar has been created, mostly, to be used as a jungler, but can be helpful as a top lane. Rengar, with his unique attributes and u...[Read More]

Spec Ops: The Line Co-op DLC – 08-21-2012

This well known game has been given a new downloadable content (DLC) which features a new two-player cooperative mode. This is the best opportunity for players to grab a friend and dive into the roiling sandstorms of post-catastrophe Dubai. This DLC will be free for every player, which makes it even more attracting for the players of the game, and entails four fast-paced missions, each one of them...[Read More]

Diablo III: Paragon System – 08-20-2013

This system will be implemented with the patch 1.0.4 of the game. According to the developers, this is mostly to “fix” two issues they had been thinking about for a while, which are What to do with Magic Find? How to give level 60 players who aren’t satisfied with the item hunt, something more to strive for? Based on these two concerns, the Paragon System has arrived. What is it ...[Read More]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – 08-20-2012

According to the publisher, Konami, this title will feature 150 licensed teams, as the firm has licensed the Spanish league in its entirety, as well as Italy’s Serie A. Konami has secured individual agreements with different teams all over the world, just to mention some of these teams we can call Manchester United, Bayern Munich, FC Porto, AEK Athens, Galatasaray Istanbul, Shahktar Donetsk,...[Read More]

Dark – 08-18-2012

This game will be released by Kalypso Media for Xbox 360 and PC next year, and has been showed at Gamescom. The plot of this game is simple, you woke up inside a dance club without any memory of how you got there nor what were you doing there, and when you notice, you have been bitten by a vampire and transformed into one of them. You will be in the boots of Eric Bane, the protagonist of this thir...[Read More]

Final Fantasy VII Available for PC – 08-17-2012

The title has been available for different regions on the Square Enix online store since yesterday (August 16) yet the title is not available for Australia. Kotaku contacted Australian Square Enix distributors, but their response was nothing satisfactory for the company and even less for all the Australian fans of the game: Square Enix Store will be available in Australia and New Zealand soon; tha...[Read More]

Borderlands and Just Cause 2 Free – 08-16-2012

Sony Europe has made Borderlands and Just Cause 2 free for every PS Plus subscriber. For this purpose, Sony Europe has added both of the titles to Your Instant Game Collection, feature that offers a selection of full PS3 games to PS Plus subs for free for a limited time, so hurry up and get these two titles added to your collection, as they will be there just for the next 12 weeks, until November ...[Read More]

Medal of Honor Warfighter – 08-15-2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is being published by Electronic Arts and developed by Danger Close Games. With this title, a whole new game experience is being introduced to all the devoted followers of the Medal of Honor saga, as it is bringing new features that promise to capture players’ attention and provide hours and hours of fun. “Thousands of fireteam combinations”, this is th...[Read More]

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – 08-14-2012

In this title, Sly Cooper might be the only one appearing; yet, according to the newest trailer of the Play Station game, he will not be alone doing all his jobs. The trailer, fresh out of Gamescom, features Sly Cooper introducing his band of theft professionals, the character’s that will help him uncover the mystery of his fading history. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be one of the first...[Read More]

Steam Announces a Major Update – 08-13-2012

Valve has announced that the Steam Community will be facing a major update. This update consists on the addition or enhancement to the way users will see each and every game that can be acquired through the Steam client. Basically, with this update every game will have it’s own HUB, which will emphasize on user created screenshots, videos and Steam Workshop items for the title, this while ma...[Read More]

Sleeping Dogs: DLC – 08-13-2012

The anticipated title Sleeping Dogs, which will be released to the public on August 14 in the US and August 17 in Europe, will have a great variety of downloadable content (DLC) as Square Enix has announced recently. First DLC for this game is announced to be available on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam by this week, after the public release of the game. This DLC will include the 80s-inspired Retro Triad...[Read More]

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