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Rocksmith 2014 Launch Trailer

Today is a trailer day! Another game getting a launch trailer is Ubisoft’s Rocksmith 2014 Edition, the game/teaching program for you to learn to play the guitar -or bass- while enjoying some nice time playing a video game. Giving my opinion as both, a gamer and a musician (yes, I do play the guitar) I must say this, this is by far the best way to learn to play the guitar/bass, the software d...[Read More]

Game Music Bundle…of the Damned!

If you’re the sort of person who likes to put on some nice and relaxing….or scary….environmental music, you’ll be glad about this bundle. The “Game Music Bundle…of the Damned!” is bringing some quite amazing game soundtracks, going from games such as The Organ Trail and Survaillant up to Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Dead Space. For just $1 USD you can get...[Read More]

Killzone Shadow Fall Story Trailer

Another well anticipated game has gotten a story trailer of its own; this time is for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall. A wall simply won’t stop anyone…or so it seems.

Warface Launch Trailer

Crytek’s free-to-play first-person shooter game Warface is now available for North America, Europe, and Turkey, for which developer has released a proper launch trailer for the game. If you want to play this game, just head over to the game’s official website and download the game for free.

Battlefield 4 Story Trailer

I’m getting behind on bringing you enough trailers, but well…limitations when it comes to access is the cause! Yet, here’s Battlefield 4 Story Trailer, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Quite an emotive trailer, isn’t it? Battlefield 4 will launch for current-gen consoles on October 29, and will be a launch title for next-gen consoles.

Dark Matter Removed from Steam, GOG

Recently, there have been many reports about InterWave Studios Dark Matter, as it is fairly noticeable that the game is simply incomplete. Even after the developers’ response, where they claim it is a complete game and that it is meant to be the “first episode”, it is obvious that us, customers, aren’t satisfied. Now, both game publishers, Steam and GOG are taking measureme...[Read More]

Need for Speed Rivals skips Wii U, PS Vita

Craig Sullivan, creative director of Need For Speed: Rivals told The Sixth Axis that the game will skip Nintendo Wii U and Sony PlayStation Vita consoles. “Honestly, it’s not the kind of stuff that I like talking about in detail, that much. We did a load of extra work on the Wii U version, and we had a lot of guys working on that stuff, you know? It didn’t really sell that many, in terms of ...[Read More]

Sony: 18 Years of PlayStation

Sony has revealed a brand new video, which takes us through the journey of the PlayStation console for the last 18 years; setting everything up for the release of their upcoming console, the PlayStation 4, and emphasizing on the fact that Sony is here for gamers, by using the hash-tag “#4ThePlayers”. Let’s take a look at it, I’m sure you’ll be brought back to your day...[Read More]

Bungie’s Destiny beta codes giveaway

No, it isn’t a giveaway from me -but if I got them, I’d give them away for sure!-; it is coming straight from Bungie. It has been stated that during this week, they’ll be giving away some Destiny Beta Codes through Twitter, so you might want to keep an eye on it. You might want to keep checking back in with us this week; we’ll be posting #Destiny Beta codes randomly each da...[Read More]

So I heard you want to become a professional game journalist?

I normally don’t get into these topics, but some days ago (on Thursday), I went ahead and researched a little bit further on ways to get my site out a little bit more, you know, my dream is to become a recognized and professional game journalist, hopefully at some point be able to make my living out of this, which I’ve been doing since 2011, maybe not on this -my own- site, but around ...[Read More]

Developers abusing YouTube DMCA

Well, truth be told, I am not a YouTube savvy, but we all know that there’s this copyright claim thing that developers can use whenever they want to protect their copyrights on their games, so they can just claim that X or Y video is breaking the copyrights, taking it down, even if that isn’t totally true. This is something that has been happening lately, different publishers such as N...[Read More]

Weekly Recap #10

Wow! Time is flying! 10 weeks already doing my weekly recap! Not to mention the many weeks I didn’t do one…that’s quite a lot! This week was, by far, the most successful week ever since I started the site. According to the data collected from the site, this week, the site has been visited for almost the double as the previous “record”, achieving 3 times individual vis...[Read More]

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